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EmissionControl2 v1.2

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@rodneydup rodneydup released this 22 Jun 19:29
· 4 commits to master since this release

EmissionControl2 Version 1.2 release

  • Added OSC support (see manual for documentation)
  • Updated manual with OSC documentation
  • Added option to change buffer size
  • Improved look of presets panel when the window is small
  • Added keyboard shortcut for starting/stopping the sound engine (Spacebar)
  • Added "Clear All Sound Files" option in Sound Files menu
  • Improved the VU meter (now shows DBFS instead of linear amplitude)
  • Rolled fonts into binary
  • Fixed bug where recording didn't work if file name didn't end in ".wav" (Issue #100). Created checker that appends .wav if missing.
  • Various other small bugs squashed
  • Linux only: added an installer for a version of EC2 without JACK (for better Pipewire compatibility)
  • BREAKING CHANGE FOR LINUX: fixed an issue with the saving of MIDI and sound file presets. Users need to run the ''' script included with the installer to port their old MIDI and sound file presets! Check the included README.txt!