A big pack of icons (100+) for your files.
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VSCode Great Icons

A big pack of icons (100+) for your files.


(This image is non-exhaustive and may not be up to date)

Enjoy ☺

Wow, we reached 1.8 million downloads… You’ve made my little set one of the most used by VSC community (well, really far behind the first, but still!). Thanks for your support! You’re amazing. ♥

How to use

After installation and activation, you should go in settings (FilePreferences on Windows, or CodePreferences on OSX), choose File Icon Theme, and select VSCode Great Icons.

Want more?

I can add more icons if you need, open a new issue to ask which extension you want.


v2.1.42 (2018.09.18)

  • Extended support for tests js files (thanks @covertbert)
  • Extended support for dockerfiles
  • Added support for MS-Build

See full changelog here

Do you work with angular?

Check out the Simpler VSCode Icons fork by @DavidBabel! It has a lot of angular icons for various filetypes in angular projects.


Most of these icons come from

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