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FoldaRap, The Folding RepRap

Since 2012, I'm traveling around the town/country/world with my little folding RepRap !

I started by a folding reprap the size of a Mendel, then a smaller version more Huxley-transportable, and finally I'm developping this one build with standard aluminium extrusions.

The FoldaRap was the world's first foldable 3d-printer (yay!).

More on the RepRap Wiki FoldaRap's page

Lots of pictures/videos on flickr

My adventures/travels with it gave birth to OpenEdge, which grew to make even more FoldaRap and Mondrian, then moved toward the industry/education with customs Alto and the HD/HD-E.

During the summer 2017 I went back working in FabLabs, but found time to update the FoldaRap with ideas waiting for implementation. I also started a LiberaPay account to explore alternative business-models : micro-donations for the design/documentation rather than selling hardware.

Version 4.0 (released winter 2017)

FoldaRap 4.0 color scheme

Version 3.5 : released autumn 2017

Version 3.0 : released summer 2017 Bringing an easier folding/unfolding mechanism and a whole redesign.

Version 2.5 : released summer 2015

Version 1.0 : released summer 2012


The Folding RepRap !




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