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@nitin710 nitin710 released this 01 Apr 18:22
· 0 commits to master since this release

New features and bug fixes

  • Added LSL output. Now EmotiBit data can be transmitted on LSL. (#226)
  • Added advertising and data thread sleep. EmotiBit Oscilloscope now takes upto 20 times less CPU resources. (#233)
  • Added minor bug fix to resolve multiple thread access violation. (#232)
  • Added internet access check before checking for latest software release available. (#199)
    • This resolves a previously noted issue, where EmotiBit Oscilloscopes would occasionally freeze when connected to networks without internet access.

Firmware Installed by FirmwareInstaller

EmotiBit firmware v1.11.1

PRs completed

  • added internet access detection before version checking is performed by nitin710 · Pull Request #199 · EmotiBit/ofxEmotiBit: #199
  • Feat lsl output by produceconsumerobot · Pull Request #226 · EmotiBit/ofxEmotiBit: #226
  • Fix discovered emotibits mutex by produceconsumerobot · Pull Request #232 · EmotiBit/ofxEmotiBit: #232
  • Feat comm settings thread sleep by produceconsumerobot · Pull Request #233 · EmotiBit/ofxEmotiBit: #233

Known issues

  • Compiling from source
    • macOS: compiling on apple silicon need different variant of LSL dylib file compiled for apple silicon. See #217 (comment)
    • Does not compile on linux. See #232 (comment)
      • Probably just needs some paths specified in the correct location for make to build.



  • Download the linked below.
  • Extract the zip file downloaded
  • run the .msi installer file.
    • If the Windows Defender Smartscreen pops up, click on More info and Run anyway
  • The EmotiBit Oscilloscope and EmotiBit DataParser will be installed on your system.
  • You can access the software from the Start menu under EmotiBit or from the desktop shortcut.


  • Download EmotiBitSoftware-macOS
  • Extract the downloaded zip file.
  • The extracted folder will contain EmotiBit Oscilloscope and EmotiBit DataParser.
    • Right-click and select Open to run the executables