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Version 3.5.1

  • New features and improvement:

    • Support Android for SDK 3.5.1 and introduce some android examples.
      New API format
    • Update new license model for sdk 3.5.1. Removed daily and monthly debit limit.
      support annual license
    • Update EmotivTools for version 3.5.1 both Windows and MAC
    • Update emostatelogger examples for Csharp and Java
    • Introduce EdfHeaderConverter tool for mac
  • Bug fixes:

    • Fixed error "Expried license" after renew license key
    • Fixed issue of MentalCommandWithCloudProfile - python example
  • Platforms:

    • SDK v3.5.1 support Windows, MAC OS, Android
    • Linux, IOS: still use SDK version 3.3.3

@hoangphamemotiv hoangphamemotiv released this Aug 17, 2017 · 71 commits to master since this release

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New features and improvement:

- SES-716: New licensing model
   + New API list in EmotivLicense class .             
   + For Basic, Advanced license: Performance Metric updated each 10 seconds (SES-699)
   + For Advanced license: start counting session at the first call IEE_DataUpdateHandle()
       Stop counting session at call IEE_EngineDisconnect();
   + For Prime license: allows full rate of Performance Metric.
        Start counting session at the first call IEE_DataUpdateHandle()
        or any APIs in IEmoStatePerformanceMetric class.
        Stop counting session at call IEE_EngineDisconnect();
    + New license API list in EmotivLicense.h.
- SES-686: Improved Package and interpolation samples.
- SES-950: Improved Performance Metric detections with Insight headset.
- SES-743: Band power up to 8Hz. 
- SES-780: New EDF file stream. 
- Data stream type now included in userID as a bit mask:
     DONGLE_STREAM_MASK    = 0x1000;
     BTLE_STREAM_MASK        = 0x2000;
     EDF_STREAM_MASK          = 0x3000;
     CSV_STREAM_MASK          = 0x4000;
     MEM_STREAM_MASK        = 0x5000;       

 - Improved timestamp and marker. New API: IEE_DataEnableBufferForMarker
     Enable EEG/Motion buffer, that allows user set marker with system time.
- New version of EDF file version : 20170703. add timeStamp started in header file.
- SES-934: Fixed EdfHeaderConverter Tool work with new EDF version (20170703)
     Please pickup from link:
- SES-979: Fixed rounding error in timestamp_ms column.
- SES-911: Improved ES timestamp follow EEG timestamp.
- SES-848: Emotiv Tool version 3.5
- SES-938: Composer version 3.5
- SES-1002: Update EmoKey version 3.5

@hoangphamemotiv hoangphamemotiv released this Jan 3, 2017 · 147 commits to master since this release

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Version 3.4.0

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug: cannot login with special symbol in EmotivID or password
    • Fixed bug: battery level is not stable
  • New features and improvement:
    • Support legacy EDK, which includes EE_ API
    • New License API in EmotivLicense.h- allow accessing EEG and Performance Metric with license key
    • New Local Training Profile API in IEmotivProfile.h - allow saving/loading a training profile to local device
    • New Cloud Training Profile API in EmotivCloudClient.h
    • Improved timestamp accuracy for EEG and Motion data
    • Improved marker timestamp accuracy
    • Changed EC_UpdateUserProfile to return EDK_ error code
    • New API: IEE_HeadsetGetSerialNumber and IEE_DisconnectDevice()
    • Merged EC_ error code in EmotivCloudErrorCode.h into EDK_ error code in IedkErrorCode.h
    • Deprecated EmotivCloudErrorCode.h
    • Removed IEE_GetInsightSignalStrength() and IEE_GetEpocPlusSignalStrength()
    • Added PM_INTEREST and PM_FOCUS for IS_PerformanceMetricIsActive()
  • Known issues:
    • BTLE connection is not stable on Windows 10 due to intermediate packet lost
  • Platforms:
    • SDK v3.4.0 support Windows, MAC OS
    • Linux, Android, IOS: still use SDK version 3.3.3