A plugin to validate submitted emails for format, which can also check that the domain exists.
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Validates Email Veracity Of


Carsten Nielsen (carsten.nielsen@savvica.com)




Rails Validation Plugin

Validates the form of an email address and verifies it's domain by checking if there are any mail exchange or address servers associated with it.


  • message

    • Changes the default error message.

  • domain_check

    • Skips server lookup unless true.

  • timeout

    • Time (in seconds) before the domain lookup is skipped. Default is 2.

  • fail_on_timeout

    • Causes validation to fail if a timeout occurs.

  • timeout_message

    • Changes the default timeout error message.

  • mx_only

    • When set, only mail exchange servers (MX) are looked up and the address server (A) lookup is skipped.

  • invalid_domains

    • An array of domain names that are not to be used. Useful for stuff like dodgeit.com and other services.

  • invalid_domain_message

    • Changes the default invalid domain error message.


  • validates_email_veracity_of :email, :message => 'is not correct.'

    • Changes the default error message from 'is invalid.' to 'is not correct.'

  • validates_email_veracity_of :email, :domain_check => false

    • Domain lookup is skipped.

  • validates_email_veracity_of :email, :timeout => 0.5

    • Causes the domain lookup to timeout if it does not complete within half a second.

  • validates_email_veracity_of :email, :fail_on_timeout => true, :timeout_message => 'is invalid.'

    • Causes the validation to fail on timeout and changes the error message to 'is invalid.' to obfuscate it.

  • validates_email_veracity_of :email, :mx_only => true

    • The validator will only check the domain for mail exchange (MX) servers, ignoring address servers (A) records.

  • validates_email_veracity_of :email, :invalid_domains => %w[dodgeit.com harvard.edu]

    • Any email addresses @dodgeit.com or @harvard.edu will be rejected.


  • You will need to be connected to the internet to utilize the remote features of the plugin and to properly run the tests.

  • To run the tests type rake test in the console from the plugin's root directory.

  • The Resolv library has been known to screw up internally with a nil.include? error if your domain resolver is ill-configured or out of service.