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- Version 2.5 Master Release
- Patched launcher generation bug
- Added OSX Mic record module #893 (@s0lst1c3)
- More robust password handling in ssh_command and ssh_launcher modules (@retro-engineer)
- Updated server responses for http listener (@xorrior)
- Template search bug fix (@DakotaNelson)
- bug fix to properly assign taskIDs (@shakagoolu)
- Kali & powershell install fix (@SadProcessor)
- Overhaul events system to provide more descriptive messages and accurate logging of events (@DakotaNelson)
- Added macro that backdoors lnk files (@G0ldenGunSec)
- Bug fix for invoke_psexec module when using custom commands (@ThePirateWhoSmellsOfSunflowers)
- Added capability to generate a vs studio project file to compile a csharp executable/launcher (@elitest)
- Added capability to enable/disable/delete listeners (@mr64bit)
- Added report generation (@bneg)
- Updated http_com listener to server IIS7 default page and added response headers to evade nessus scans (@s0lst1c3)
- Fixed script generation bug for all powerview modules (@xorrior)
- Modify the minidump module to allow for non-admin users to dump memory (@ThePirateWhoSmellsOfSunflowers)
- Removed background downloads feature for powershell agent
- Added linux persistence module via the ~/.config/autostart directory (@jarrodcoulter)
- Added download command to REST API (@shakagoolu)
- Added support for '&&' and ';' characters in shell commands for python agent (@cleb-sfdcsec)
- Added wireless network information to the osx/situational_awareness/host module. (@import-au)
- Added keychain dump module that uses the security utility (@import-au)
- Added shellcode stagers and the 'shinject' module (@xorrior, @monoxgas)
- Added a sleep and jitter parameter to the Invoke-Kerberoast module (@Retrospected)
- Added capability to update agent comms dynamically (@xorrior)
- Added onedrive listener for powershell agent (@mr64bit)
- Added opsec-safe aliases for ls, pwd, rm, mkdir, whoami, and getuid in the python agent
- Updated office macro stager for python agent (@import-au)
- Version 2.4 Master Release
- Added Kevin Robertson's Invoke-SMBExec.ps1
- Update Invoke-DCOM
- Added Dockerfile, Docker Hub images, Build/Release scripts (@killswitch-gui)
- Updated README for cleaner install instructions with new options
- Support for plugins (@DakotaNelson)
- Fixed module output bug #792 (@clr2of8)
- Added MSBuild XML Launcher (@p3nt4)
- Added module to extract private keys (@mlinton)
- Added cross-platform macro (@malcomvetter)
- Proxy settings fix #788 (@m7x)
- Updated mimikatz binary in Invoke-Mimikatz to version 2.1.1 20171106
- Updated
- Updated PowerView.ps1 source and all related modules
- powershell install fix, Invoke-obfuscation updates, Improve ScriptBlockLogging bypass (@cobbr)
- Custom header support for http_com listener (@leeloobeek)
- Allow for distinct values between the Host and Port options (@jetsecurity)
- Added pwd and cat aliases for the python agent (@xorrior)
- Added redirector listener, formerly known as the redirector module (@xorrior)
- Added exception handling for wmi call in powershell stager #827
- Get Agent Results REST API call returns taskID #854 (@byt3bl33d3r)
- Added templating engine (@DakotaNelson)
- Removed pyCrypto dependencies (@elitest)
- http listener update: Updated defaults response logic and default page to match IIS 7.5 #890 (@s0lst1c3)
- Added module for nix aws ec2 metadata (@TweekFawkes)
- Version 2.3 Master Release
— Fix for #755
— Merge PR from byt3bl33d3r for TLS version
— Removed option to set chunk size for file downloads
— Fix for #729 (Unable to download files with spaces)
— Fix renegotiation in powershell agent. Patched python agent to exit on 401 response.
— Fix for #774 (Fix pyinstaller module)
— Added resource scripts capability (Carrie Roberts)
— Fix for #749 (Fix external agent modules)
— Fix for #369 (Fixed http_hop listener with ssl and self-signed certificate)
— Merge Invoke-PowerDump fix
— Merge fixes for 718 (Fix generate function signature for module @nikaiw)
— Merge fixes for 762 (Code cleanup from EmPyre @elitest)
— Merge ntds execution module (@hightopfade)
— Updated generate function signatures in all modules
— Fixed stagerURI option (rvrsh3ll)
- Version 2.2 Master Release
- Update crontab to work hourly #667
- Update keylogger to log to disk on server side by @clr2of8
- Fix macro launcher #681
- Fixes vbscript string literal quoting. #702
- Add option to host a stager payload in the http listener @424f424f
- Add @enigma0x3 Token Manipulation script as a BypassUAC module @424f424f
- Hide true host name when using domain fronting #730 @clr2of8
- Fixed custom proxy config in launcher code #728 @dirkjanm
- generate_upload function added to Stagers #722 @hightopfade
- Aes kerberoast #725 @elitest
- DBX Improvements (SOCKS, Hide window via WindowHandler) #721 @IljaSchumacher
- Improved ScriptBlock logging bypasses #740 @cobbr_io
- Slack Integration - Notification for new Agents #737 @dchrastil
- Improve Get-ChromeDump #734 @ThePirateWhoSmellsOfSunFlowers
- Fix Eternal Blue Issue #656
- Merge Invoke-Kerberoast: Print hashes only. Formatting with a text editor is no longer required. #663
- Fix Macro syntax error per @utkusen issue #664
- Fix Better powershell install, obfuscation bug fixes, fixed vbs/macro launchers #686 @cobbr
- Fix creds manual add parsing with whitespace in password
- Fix validate length parameter attribute for Invoke-PSInject.ps1d
- Version 2.1 Master Release
-Add get schwifty trollsploit module @424f424f
-Add -sta flag to launcher @xorrior
-Fixed hardcoded cert path @xorrior
-Fix for #567
-Merge Capture OSX credentials from Prompt Module in Empire DB @malcomvetter.
-Rest API fixups #526 @byt3bl33d3r
-Added MS16-135 exploit module @ThePirateWhoSmellsOfSunflowers
-Updated Bloodhound Ingestion module @424f424f
-Added Dropbox exfil module @ktevora1
-Added EternalBlue module @ktevora1
-Fix SSL certificate issue with Flask @diskonnect
-Modify staging to handle unicode characters @killswitch-GUI
-Add wmi_updater module #509 @tristandostaler
-Add DropBox exfil module #557 @e0x70i
-Fix Unexpected error: <class 'struct.error'> run empire #567
-Fix SSL Intermediate Certificates to support Domain Fronting #569 @dchrastil
-Add ‘SandboxMode’ to evade Apple Sandbox protection on applescript #578 @dchrastil
-Add Obfuscated Empire #597 @cobbr
-Add Bypass ScriptBlock Logging #603 @cobbr
-Add mimipenguin module @424f424f
-Add dyld_print_to_file Mac privesc @checkyfuntime
-Added manual proxy specifications @xorrior
-Fix libssl-dev and libssl1.0.0 packages @xorrior
-Add backgrounding for downloads in PowerShell agent @xorrior
-Fix warning patch in http listener @viss
-Update Invoke-Kerberoast @424f424f
-Tab complete shows elevated modules: #599
- Additional bypassUAC modules added: #596
- Added show uac level module #609
- Fixed shebangs: #640
-Version 2.0 Master Release
-Merge of Empyre and Empire projects
-Add Dropbox Listener
-Add support for IPv6 agents and listener
-Add DCOM lateral movement module
-Add module - Sudo Piggyback + Mail Persistence + Bash Profile Backdoor #357
-Add USB ETW Keylogger #396
-Fix dcos modules and fixed pyinstaller #403
-Fix agent staging over http_hop listeners #404
-Fixed Get-SPNTicket multiple user SPNs bug #405
-Fix issue with Invoke-Shellcode Meterpreter stager #414
-Fix code_execution/invoke_reflectivepeinjection hangs empire if an invalid path is provided to DllPath #421
-Fix for PowerShell code in Invoke-PSInject too long #423
-Fix for agent shell commands #424
-Fix prompt line wrapping #430
-Fix screenshot module #435
-Add PowerUpSQL Modules #437
-Add module to monitor TCP connections #438
-Fix DLL stager #449
-Add VNC Inject #452
-Add HTTP headers to avoid proxy caching #455
-Fix hard-coded path in the OSX screenshot module. #465
-Add a module for wlrmdr.exe popup #472
-Add a module for SOCKSv5 proxy #478
-Fix bug in HTTP handler that can throw exceptions while parsing Cookies #479
-Add a BashBunny HID stager #480
-Update Inveigh 1.3.1 Modules #483
-Add support for Arch Linux and rejigged the Unknown distro option #484
-Fix for issue #420 non-ascii bug #489
-Fix the listeners API call #490
-Fix PKCS7 padding to be RFC compliant #492
-Add custom headers if any #495
-Fix using netifaces() for getting iface #496
-Add Session Gopher module
-Fix for issue 340 Added pip install setuptools and apt-get install libssl-dev
-Version 2.0.0 beta, DerbyCon release
-Listeners abstracted out to modules
-Flask used for listener/http instead of base http server
-client key negotiation abstracted out and implemented in agents
-New nested "routing/metadata" packet structure introduced in prep for additional transports
-all packetes now wrapped with an HMAC'ed RC4 "routing" packet that uses the staging key
-this is so all agents can decrypt 'routing' information for future p2p comms
-increases flexibilty for malleable comms (i.e. sessionid removed from POST requests)
-removes the need to keep track of which URIs are used for tasking/post/staging
-Agent data handling improved and abstracted away for listener module use
-handle_agent_data() handles raw packets, usable by any listener module
-handle_agent_staging() handles agent key exchange/staging
-handle_agent_request() handles an agent tasking request
-handle_agent_response() handles an agent result response
-EmPyre integration:
-Start of integration of EmPyre staging/comms implemented in listeners/http
-Agent is language-aware:
"interact AGENT" drops you into the language-appropriate agent menu
"usemodule [tab]" from an agent only tab-completes language-appropriate modules
-stagers were broken out into operating system designations:
-stagers.generate_launcher() now accepts a language specification, which wraps
the stager generation functionality for listener module
-RC4 implemented for first stage obfuscation
-staging now uses HMAC and nonces
-epoch-syncing removed
-core agent cleanup
added http
added http_foreign (for 'foreign' Emire listeners)
added meterpreter (for meterpreter/cobalt strike, using Invoke-Shellcode)
added management/switch_listener module which switches an agent to a new listener module comms
redid hop listeners, added listeners/http_hop
added listeners/http_com which uses IE com objects for communications
-Tons of bug fixes (and new bug introductions :)
-Removed lots of code rot
-Vastly increased debugging output (--debug 2)
-New 'Language'/'MinLanguageVersion' options added to modules
-stagers now have a 'language' option, and are folder-separated by operating system
-added @mattifestation's AMSI bypass into PowerShell stagers 'safe checks'
-redid PowerShell jobs architecture to use a separate app domain instead of PowerShell jobs
-Added key reneogitation in case agents are 'orphaned'
-moved stager.ps1/ to ./agent/stagers/http.ps1 / ./agent/stagers/
-agent generation now patches in the comms methods into the base agent.ps1 (need to do
-powershell listeners are now properly hot-swappable with management/switch_listener
-the external/generate_agent module will now generate a staged agent and preregister it (only for PowerShell at this time)
-PowerView code updated
-PowerUp code updated
-new tables -> results and taskings to separate out stuff for the RESTful API
-CLI/RESTful API broken, needs testing
-Version 1.5.3
-Fix for issue #273 - added hostnames to raw screenshot output file
-Fix for issue #285 - credential export supporting commas
-Start of code standardization/pep8 cleanup - mods to,, and
-moved collection/keethief to collection/vaults/keethief
-added collection/vaults/find_keepass_config to enumerate KeePass configs on a system
-added collection/vaults/add_keepass_config_trigger to add a trigger backdoor to all reachable KeePass instances
-added collection/vaults/get_keepass_config_trigger to enumerate all triggers for all reachable KeePass instances
-added collection/vaults/remove_keepass_config_trigger to remove all triggers for all reachable KeePass instances
-Misc. bug fixes
-Added collection/keethief module to pilfer KeePass key material from memory
-"creds X" now searches additional fields for the term (like domain)
-merged credentials/enum_cred_store from @BeetleChunks
-Merged @rvrsh3ll's collection/browser_data module
-Merged @curi0usJack's situational_awareness/network/smbautobrute module
-fix for issue #258 - "interact AGENT" now works globally in every menu except an active agent menu
-fix for issue #221 - hop listeners
-fix for issue #252 - management/invoke_script now no longer requires an external script
-fix for issue #257 - sysinfo now executed after running the steal_token command
-Updated Invoke-Mimikatz to include a fix for multi-cpu boxes/processor detection
-Merged @n0clues pull request to change paths from %TEMP% to %PUBLIC% for spawnas module to fix a bug when spawning as a different user.
-Fixed a typo in the dcsync_hashdump that caused it to crash the Empire server
-Merged in Inveigh 1.1.1 and current Tater build thanks to @Kevin-Robertson
-Fixed a bug in the REST API due to the port being a string and not an int
-Added 417 Expectation failed error bug fix for older proxies (Squid) thanks to @i223t
-Updated SQLite dll for Get-ChromeDump.ps1
-Fixed format issues with Get-ComputerDetails.ps1
-More verbose output added to PowerUp's Invoke-ServiceCMD
-Made Get-SPN PowerShell 2.0 compatible
-Updated RunAs to include an argument parameter
-Merged @tristandostaler's /api/map feature to the Rest API
-Merged in @andrew-morris's installer update to include -Y switch for apt-get commands
-Merged in MS16-032 local privesc from @leoloobeek
-Merged @jaredhaight's Invoke-MetasploitModule module
-tightened up argparse validation
-Added credentials/get_spn_tickets to request SPN tickets.
-Added credentials/mimikatz/extract_tickets
-Merged @Subtee's regsvc32 (sct) stager
-listener starting now returns more verbose errors on failure in console and API
-merge of @mynameisiv's .jpg screenshot PR
-Fix for path errors in some cases for ./setup/
3/31/2015 - RELEASE 1.5
-Encompasses all changes since the 1.4 tagged release
-Merge of Inveigh 1.1 update and privesc/tater
-Updated of Invoke-Mimikatz.ps1 source
-Updated mimikatz dlls to version 2.1 alpha
-Included modification to suppress cmd.exe when spawned via PTH.
-Added loading of external modules with 'load /path/modules/'
-RESTful API modifications
-expanded agent/server epoch check to +/- 12 hours
-stagers now run -sta
-RESTful API modifications
-added auth to RESTful API, additional API fixes
-start of RESTful API implementation
-PowerView.ps1 update and multiple related module additions
-added github issue templates
-added situational_awareness/network/powerview/get_gpo_computer
-added privesc/getsystem
-bug fix for Invoke-PsExec and some x64 pointers
-first pass at stager retry interval
-download chunking modified
- '--debug 2' now displays debug information to the console as well as the empire.debug file
-added privesc/mcafee_sitelist
-start of command line option integration, use './empire -h' to see options
-bug fixes
-'searchmodule' with no arguments now lists all modules
-Fix for some UTF-8 encoding issues
-Corrected several bugs in how the workingHours window is handled in the agent
12/29/2015 - RELEASE 1.4
-Encompasses all changes since 1.3.1 tagged release
-Added situational_awareness/network/powerview/find_managed_security_groups to integrate @stufus' new code
-Fixed various issues with agent profile handling
-'DefaultProfile' option in listener menu is now tab-completable and can take a path to a profile.txt
-Merge of @stufus' Find-ManagedSecurityGroups code into PowerView.ps1 base
-Merge of @jamcut's situational_awareness/host/findtrusteddocuments module
-Sync of Kevin Robertson's lateral_movement/inveigh_relay module
-Sync @stufus' exfiltration/egresscheck module
-Added module menu dynamic sizing for prettified output
-hop.php redirector fix
-Sync of Kevin Robertson's collection/inveigh update
-Added trollsploit/rick_ascii
-Bug fixes
-Updated powerview.ps1
-Added situational_awareness/network/powerview/get_cached_rdpconnection
-Added situational_awareness/network/powerview/set_ad_object
-Added management/downgrade_account
-Merge of @mubix's setup automation
-Added credentials/mimikatz/cache and credentials/mimikatz/sam
-Combined persistence/debugger/* into persistence/misc/debugger
-Added SysWow64 option to management/spawn to spawn a 32-bit powershell.exe
-Added persistence/userland/backdoor_lnk
-Built several modules in management/mailraider/* to integrate @xorrior's MailRaider.ps1
-Merged @xorrior's FoxDump and ChromeDump modules
-Merged @rvrsh3ll's lateral_movement/invoke_sshcommand
-Added script autorun functionality
-Merged @rvrsh3ll's recon/http_login
-Merge of exploitation/exploit_jboss, bug fix
-Fix in case module returns None
-Merged debian fix
-Merged non-interactive cert generation and added to
-Fixed nested menu bug that caused buildup of "Agent X not active."
-Main display menu now shows each time "main" menu is entered
-All PowerUp modules now dynamically built from a single source file
-PowerUp bug fixes
-Added privesc/powerup/service_exe_restore, pulled logic from other modules
-Added management/spawnas to spawn agents with explicit credentials
-Debug functionality (--debug) now outputs the source of the last tasked script to ./LastTask.ps1
-Write-Verbose and Write-Debug lines now stripped from tasked scripts
-Added situational_awareness/network/powerview/get_forest module
-Added persistence/misc/add_netuser to add local/domain users
-Fixed small bug in TASK_CMD_WAIT response parsing
10/30/2015 - RELEASE 1.3.1
-Updated reflectivepick dlls to fix bug in injection and dll payload injection
10/29/2015 - RELEASE 1.3
-Encompasses all changes since 1.2 tagged release
-Fix for psinject bug due to lack of .NET 4.0 on target.
-Fix for bug in persistence/misc/add_sid_history
-Updated powerview.ps1 source to Version 2.0
-Built a way to dynamically generate the stripped PowerView code for functions needed by PowerView modules (helpers -> generate_dynamic_powershell_script), and updated all relevant PowerView modules
-Renamed PowerView modules to better match PowerView 2.0 naming scheme and moved to situational_awareness/network/powerview/*
-Removed old split-out PowerView source files
-Removed situational_awareness/network/netview
-Combined stealth_userhunter into option for userhunter
-Added situational_awareness/network/get_forest_domain, situational_awareness/network/powerview/get_object_acl, situational_awareness/network/powerview/find_computer_field, situational_awareness/network/powerview/find_user_field, situational_awareness/network/powerview/get_ou, situational_awareness/network/powerview/get_group, situational_awareness/network/powerview/get_group_member, situational_awareness/network/powerview/get_gpo, situational_awareness/network/powerview/find_gpo_location, situational_awareness/network/powerview/find_gpo_computer_admin, situational_awareness/network/powerview/process_hunter, situational_awareness/network/powerview/find_foreign_group, situational_awareness/network/powerview/find_foreign_user
-renamed collection/filesearch to collection/find_interesting_file
-Fix for 'skywalker' file overwrite exploit on control server (thanks @zeroSteiner!)
-Added credentials/mimikatz/mimitokens to take advantage of Mimikatz' token listing/elevation
-Added management/enable_multi_rdp to patch terminal services to allow mutiple connections
-Fixed bug in write_dllhijacker that prevented the dll from being written out
8/30/2015 - RELEASE 1.2
-Encompasses all changes below
--- 'Native' shell commands in agent core ported to WMI equivalents
--- HMAC now uses SHA1 instead of MD5
--- Numerous bug fixes and UI tweaks throughout code
--- Six new modules and WAR stager added, /sids option added to golden_ticket
--- Fixed international locale bug with unicode text in agent.ps1
-HMAC algorithm for packet comms upgraded to use SHA1 instead of MD5
-credentials collected from collection/prompt now scraped/added to credential model
-Added module privesc/bypassuac_wscript
-Added module collection/inveigh
-Added stager war
-Added credentials/mimikatz/dcsync for remote DC credential extraction
-Added situational_awareness/network/get_domaintrusts
-Added /sids argument for credentials/mimikatz/golden_ticket
-Added credential parsing for dcsync output
-updated links for PowerTools
-Fixed bug in credential parsing with ":" inside of the password,username, or domain
-Fixed international locale bug with unicode text in agent.ps1. Now all results are base64 encoded prior to being packetized. Encoding will be handled at server.
-Continued porting native shell commands to WMI replacents in agent core
-In agent menu, 'shell CMD' now runs straight IEX CMD, and 'help agentcmds' shows safe aliases
-Modified ./setup/ to work from parent or ./setup/ folders
-Agent core functions streamlined
-"list [agents/listeners] <modifier>" should now be a global command
-Added collection/netripper, port of the NetRipper project
-Added collection/packet_capture for netsh event tracing
-Added management/zipfolder for native folder compression
-Corrected menu behavior on agent exit, bug fix on some dir behavior
-Started porting native shell commands to WMI in the agent core
8/16/2015 - RELEASE 1.1
-Encompasses all changes below
--- Crypto patch to prevent DOS condition
--- Numerous bug fixes throughout code
--- Extra modules added and HTA stager
--- Ability for agents to die after certain number of failed checkins
--- Added ability to easily remove "stale" agents
-Added modules management/timestomp, trollsploit/process_killer, persistence/elevated/wmi, situational_awareness/network/smbscanner, lateral_movement/invoke_psexec
-Accepted HTA Stager from subtee
-Merged in list stale and remove stale functionality
-Fixed delay in list stale feature
-Fixed active agent message in list stale feature
-Fixed registry storage in schtasks and registry persistence modules (userland and elevated)
-Merged in Lost Agent Detection
-"agents> remove X" now removes agents that checked in > X minutes ago
-"agents> list stale" and "agents> remove stale" now list/remove stale agents past their max checkins
-Fixed tab completion of usestager module
-Added dependencies for Ubuntu 14.04
-Fixed IP Whitelisting set from file
-Added "Lost Agent Detection". Allows the ability for an agent to die after a certain number of missed checkins. This is implemented via the "lostlimit" command. Default set to 60 missed checkins.
-Fixed flaw in crypto allowing a DOS condition.
-Added authentication to the AES crypto scheme to verify integrity of messages
-Initial release. All components released
-Commited path fix to correct bug in certain modules