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Getting the project up and running

Install the following software

Running the app for the first time

  1. Run the script ( or init.bat), this will install all command line tools
  2. Open the solution
  3. Restore the nuget packages
  4. Run the Web project

This project has two initializations for Windows and for Linux or Mac


  1. Review the list of issues and pick the one you like.
  2. Check if the issue has been assigned to someone.
  3. Ask for the issue to be assigned to you with a comment.
  4. Create a feature branch in your repo in the following format feature/{issue_number}-simple-title.
  5. Work iteratively and commit often.
  6. Ask for help when needed. If run into any impediment air it out in slack or comment in your issue,
  7. Prepare the Pull Request following the guidelines.

JS libraries and libman

This project includes some third party js libraries, they have been included in the repo because they are integral for the correct workings of the theme we picked. If you need to add another third party library make sure to do it using the LibMan CLI. It gets installed when you run the script.

Configuring Authentication

Rename the appsetting.template.json file to appsetting.json and complete the client ids and secrets for each authentication provider you want to use.

You can see a step-by-step guide of how to do it.

Ignoring changes of the appsettings file

To ignore changes made to the appsettings.Development.json file run the following

git update-index --assume-unchanged Web/appsettings.Development.json

The does this automatically.

In case of connection issues

If you happen to run to the following error while running for the first time, something about database connection issue: [SQLite Error 14: 'unable to open database file']. Try Setting the connection string to use the full path location of the mydb.db file.

Example:"Data Source=C:\\CODE\\emplea_do\\mydb.db;"

Slack Configuration

To configure your own SlackService just follow the Official to get started. After you completed slack configuration, you should have a token and a workspace section, with a Webhook URL that'll look something like this, you should only be interested in T00000000/B00000000/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (because that is what we are going to use in the appsetting).

Now add your token with key "VerificationToken" and workspace section with key "WebhookEndpoint" to the slack section in appsettings.development.json.

If you have any questions or just want to hang out

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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details