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Processing Tutorials
CityVille Daily Update Log.xlsx


Processing Tutorials is a lesson plan, tutorial outline, and sample code used to teach middle school students how to code by showing them how to create profiles with the Processing programming language. These profiles were later incorporated into the CityVille app. The video tutorials are available on our YouTube Channel EmpowerMe:

CityVille App Development

The CityVille revision log indicates changes made for each version of the CityVille.apk uploaded here. Each new uploaded apk file will be accompanied by the updated Revision Log.

The final version of the CityVille App includes integration with FaceBook, specifically the capability to Share events and areas that were posted in CityVille. CityVille_vFinal.apk is the final version of that app which can be downloaded to an Android Tablet running Lollipop. is the final version of the app which was exported from Eclipse and includes all necessary libraries, this file should provide anyone wanting to develop this further an easy way to import the project into Eclipse with all dependencies.