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Source code of my ongoing project. Project is %90 percent finished. It just requires polishment.
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A C# Xamarin project

Source code of my ongoing project. Porject is %90 percent finished. It just requires polishment.

What is Stay Safe?

Stay Safe is an application which sends an emergency/SOS sms to a list of pre-defined numbers when the user doesnt checks in spesific amount of times. This amount of time is 10 minutes by default if not specified by user. Application gets the current GPS coordinates of the user and turns it into a google maps link and provides the reciever of the ermegency SMS with that link.

Be aware!

This source code is heavily commented from top to bottom. I even commented the most unnecessary parts of my code. So If you are planning to make changes in the source code please either change the commenting according to that or completely delete the comment itself. If you dont, u may get confused in future.

Why you may ask. Why comment that much?

Well first of all, I really did not enjoy commenting every single line of my code. The reason why I did that is I started this project after seeing a woman getting kidnapped by a taxi driver on the news. I felt angry and sorry at the same time so those emotions gave me the idea for this project. I want people to be able to do similar projects like this. Maybe a beginner c# developer will have a look at my project and try to replicate it. With each comment line explaining every single part of the code, a beginner could easily understand what every part of code is doing. They can build upon the application for there easily. That's why. PS: It was really boring to comment every single part... Believe me I did not want to comment that much...


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