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01 Dec 22:50
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EmuELEC v4.6

Please read the complete change-log before updating. A lot of the changes have been done to the base system. specially to the way the partitions are handled so you might need/want to do a clean install.

There is now a new tool for mounting systemd and external sources for ROMS
you can read more about it here: #980

EEROMS partition will only be created on SD cards bigger than 8gb. For detail explanation: #979
This also changes how the second partition is created, It is now 6GB (unless you use a 4GB sd card, then it will be 2GB) If you update from 4.5 or lower you will keep the 2GB STORAGE partition, but if you need your STORAGE partition to be bigger (6GB), then you will need to do a clean install on a SD card bigger than 8GB.

The System base is now from CoreELEC 20 and all emulators, cores and ports have been
updated to their most recent version at the time of this release.

Please note that due to lack of time, some devices have not been properly tested, if you find a bug or an issue, please don't hesitate to let us know via Discord, the EmuELEC forum or opening an issue in github.

Thanks to the always supportive Patreons

John Johnson
victor manuel sanchez lopez
Daniel Iruegas
Victor Davis
John Gamester
Matthew S
Russ Crandall
Peter Shaw
Noah Heninger
Tony Escobar
Dennis W.
Nina Seramour
Michael Brown
Tomas Radej
Chad Barker
Bryan Pizzuti

And anyone else who has supported via other means, in the past, present and future, I really appreciate it!

What's Changed

  • fakeroot: bump to 1.28 (from no-longer-existing 1.27) by @JohnnyonFlame in #884
  • Update libretro core cap32 by @miwasp in #886
  • Update hypseus-singe to fix some games by @miwasp in #887
  • Bump RigelEngine to latest version by @miwasp in #889
  • Fix audio stuttering in lzdoom again by @miwasp in #888
  • Multiple controller mappings - iNNEXT USB and PlayGame USB by @nwildner in #840
  • dev joy advmame fix - 1 controller controlling 2 players and more bug. by @Langerz82 in #891
  • Fix for mpv not compiling on OGA/OGS/GF by @miwasp in #919
  • fix fs-resize would break on 4GB drives, and EEROMS was not properly formatted on USB drives by @7Ji in #921
  • RK356x: update uboot for firefly devices by @shantigilbert in #926
  • EE-ES Multidisc creation support. by @Langerz82 in #923
  • implements installtointernal via a new package ampart by @7Ji in #928
  • introduce new emmc installation method aminstall by @7Ji in #930
  • Remove duplicate PKG_VERSION in bstone by @miwasp in #938
  • rewrite to properly support 2-partition layout by @7Ji in #942
  • ampart: bump version f0c3cc44; aminstall: misc fixes and better migration of EEROMS by @7Ji in #943
  • ensure /storage/.update is always mounted as long as EEROMS is valid; mount EEROMS when user-defined storage-roms.mount failed by @7Ji in #944
  • Misc packages fixes by @7Ji in #946
  • Revert RTL8812AU to previous version by @miwasp in #947
  • poppler: bump version 32fa288 (22.06.0) and deps fix by @7Ji in #948
  • jslisten: add systemd as dependency as it includes libudev.h by @7Ji in #949
  • emuelec-32bit-libs: fix typo PKG_BUID -> PKG_BUILD by @7Ji in #951
  • exfat-linux: seperate from linux to save build time by @7Ji in #950
  • Misc depedency fixes (qt-everywhere, ampart) by @7Ji in #953
  • Introduce actual multilib support by @7Ji in #956
  • Flycast Textures folders by @Kelvfimer in #960
  • Fix typo description heart of darkness by @Kelvfimer in #959
  • DuckStation Textures - Modify emuelec-dirs add /roms/psx/textures by @Kelvfimer in #958
  • lib32: optimize, behaviour change and mali fix by @7Ji in #957
  • Updating duckstation to the latest working version by @Kelvfimer in #967
  • Adding symlink logic in to redirect to texture replacement by @Kelvfimer in #966
  • Add PKG_NEED_UNPACK to lib32 packages that need it. by @shantigilbert in #971
  • fheroes2: fix controller not working; SDL2 cleanup by @7Ji in #974
  • Fix assets dir in devilutionX by @miwasp in #976
  • fs-resize: raise storage size to 6g, allow omitting eeroms manually by @7Ji in #979
  • eemount: introduce package & change mount logic by @7Ji in #980
  • eemount: bump 4adf3138; init: fix disabled systemds units by @7Ji in #983
  • eemount: bump 2321603 by @7Ji in #984
  • force overwrite file on unziping files by @lihexali in #989
  • Update Emulators 4.6 by @Kelvfimer in #1013
  • lib32-libdrm: keep up with generic-libdrm by @7Ji in #1016
  • ffmpeg: fix dep x264; lib32-ffmpeg: switch to openssl by @7Ji in #1019
  • options: raise default ccache limit to 20G by @7Ji in #1022
  • package emulator advmame - patch for vsync to work with the fps. by @Langerz82 in #992
  • Bump bstone to latest by @miwasp in #1023
  • Update emulators 46 part 2 by @Kelvfimer in #1018
  • emulator - duckstation standalone - game controller autoconfiguration by @Langerz82 in #994
  • [Feature] Cloud Loading and Saving for retroarch auto saves and state saves. by @Langerz82 in #997
  • EE - joy common - controller - order fix and revision by @Langerz82 in #936
  • Check resolution fixes, Setres overhaul, cvbs fix other resolutions people could not see. Borders option added. AdvMame Exit Display Fix. by @Langerz82 in #1021
  • Update es_systems.cfg by @miwasp in #1054
  • Update 99-emuelec.conf by @miwasp in #1055
  • Set Resolution - Fixes by @Langerz82 in #1058

New Contributors


18 Apr 18:11
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This release was re-uploaded due to an unnoticed issue regarding SAMBA and ScummVM. Please re-download the update.
You can also use Force Update by following these steps:

  • Open Main Menu > Update & Downloads
  • Set Update Type to STABLE then select Back
  • Open EmuELEC Settings > Danger zone > Force Update follow the directions

EmuELEC v4.5 - Core/Emulator Update

This version is just an emulators and cores update, but it also has some small bug fixes.

Bug fixes

  • Add 32-bit .info files for the libretro cores that need it, this fixes issues as save states not working.
  • Fix audio stuttering in lzdoom again (#888)
  • Fix an issue where gptokeyb would not kill emulators if hotkey was set to the select button
  • Fixed a small issue with cloud sync if the configuration file was edited in windows

Core and emulator updates

While this looks like a small changelog, keep in mind this is mostly an update for most cores, ports and emulators (60+) have been updated to the latest commits on github, we tested them internally but as always we cannot test with all devices and with all games, so if you find issues please post them on the forum or discord, unless, if you are 100% sure it's a reproducible bug then open a Github issue.

Special thanks!

I want to thank the Patreon/Github Sponsors supporters that have made working on EmuELEC possible (In no particular order).

Dewen Hsu
John Gamester
Matthew Seashore
Craig Hibbert
Russ Crandall
Peter Shaw
Noah Heninger
Tony Escobar
Dennis W.
Tim Wilson
Jason Burns
Nina Seramour
David Simmons
Michael Brown
Tomas Radej
Brian Hoffman
Chad Barker
Bryan Pizzuti
Sylvia van Os

And everyone else that has supported EmuELEC in the past in any way shape or form!

Thank you for your support!


19 Mar 01:05
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Celebrating 1.4 million total downloads, v4.4 is finally here! this version has a LOT of changes please read through the changelog to find out about them.

As always. while we try to test every aspect of this release with many new settings, options, emulators and ports it is impossible to test it on all devices and with all games. If you find any issue please use Discord, The EmuELEC forum or if you are sure its a reproducible bug open a GitHub issue.


Huge update to base build system:

  • All Amlogic devices now use the same kernel 4.9-19!
  • You might notice a bit more performance on some emulators as well usage in general.
  • IMPORTANT: S905 (GXBB, p201) for the moment is no longer supported. If you have one of those devices (s905 no letter after the 5) DO NOT UPDATE, stay in 4.3.

Fixed Bugs:

  • One of the most annoying bugs that plagued fbdev with Retroarch was finally fixed (Issue #76)
    fixed in PR mali_fbdev fix for fps drop after egl_destroy (#789) by @spleen1981!
    This means that using Retroarch as boot up option is now possible (some small changes need to be done).
  • Fixed Bluetooth connectivity issues
  • Fix zoom not working on manuals
  • Fix many external mounting issues
  • Backup will now rename the file instead of deleting it after restore.
  • Fixed SuperTux and SuperTuxKart data download
  • Fixed auto-update would show update available even if there was none.

Additions and other fixes:

  • Added WIP Mupen64plus Standalone
  • Added WIP FBNeo Standalone
  • Added Duckstation Standalone
  • Added Yabasanshiro Standalone
  • Added Blake Stone to ports
  • Added iotop
  • Added VIM
  • Added External Mount settings in ES
  • Added option to create key remaps for Advance MAME Thanks to Joshua L (@Langerz82)
  • Switch to SDL 2.0.20 for all devices
  • Support for Pixelcade (Install script is in Setup)
  • Retroachievements encore is now configurable from ES
  • Added Enable Integer Overscaling in ES
  • Use toggle for fast forward instead of hold
  • Add .68k .68K .sgd .SGD to genesis/md
  • Added gamepad auto configuration for Dolphin and Flycast Thanks to Joshua L (@Langerz82)
  • Reworked Advance MAME gamepad auto configuration Thanks to Joshua L (@Langerz82)
  • Removed ceemmc because it's no longer compatible with 3 partitions
  • Added option to backup to cloud services using rclone.
  • Switch to parallel_n64_32b as default n64 emulator for handhelds.
  • Add Heart Of Darkness to ports (PR #863)
  • Added a5200 core as default emulator for Atari 5200
  • Added gearcoleco core (PR #859)
  • Updated several emulators (PR #856)
  • Added Messen-s to gameboy to allow for Super GameBoy emulation (PR #848)

And many other changes! for the full list check out the commit history.

Cloud sync note:

Be sure to read
Name your remote as EmuELEC_Remote and copy rclone.conf to /emuelec/configs/rclone/
finally create a folder named EmuELEC_Backup on your cloud service.

If you would like to use another name for the remote or backup folder you can create a file named
/emuelec/configs/rclone/ee_cloud_sync.cfg and add this to the file:


Cloud backup and restore options are in
"Main Menu > EmuELEC Settings > Danger Zone > Cloud Backup Settings and Game Saves"
"Main Menu > EmuELEC Settings > Danger Zone > Cloud Restore Settings and Game Saves"

Also note that this feature is currently in beta so don't put your blind fate on it working 100%

Project Support

If you wish to support EmuELEC you can use Github sponsors, Patreon or Paypal, note that this is absolutely not required to enjoy EmuELEC but it helps a lot and it is greatly appreciated!

Please remember, EmuELEC is COMPLETELY FREE! it is not to be sold or included in ANY commercial products as a whole, if you have paid for EmuELEC, it was included on a device or an image, DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK! For more license info read

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog:


06 Oct 20:41
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Note If you need help to update (since auto update was broken on 4.2) please read this wiki entry.

And as with any other release, backup your settings before applying!


  • Fix Autoupdate
  • Fix no backup restore if EEROMS was set to fat32
  • Fix no external ROMS if EEROMS was set to fat32
  • Fix typo on Parallel N64 32b core name
  • Unify Brightness between ES and RA
  • Fix unset DISPLAY for Amlogic and Amlogic-ng
  • Fix SuperTux2: Fix sed in launch script
  • Fix vertical mode not respecting index ratio
  • Fix Connect to WiFi on first boot if using es_defaults.txt
  • Fix volume resets to 98% using AV
  • Fix Do not redirect stdout/stderr to /dev/null in maxperf and normperf. (#661)
  • Fix Amstrad GX4000
  • Fix create /storage/roms/amstradgx4000 on boot
  • remove hardcoded bin path, this allows to use most of the binaries/scripts be called from /emuelec/bin or /usr/bin in that order
  • Add Megadrive MSU to es_systems.cfg
  • Add fceumm-mod libretro core to play some additional NES ROM hacks. (#658)
  • New Packages: Box64, Box86, GL4es, Axe11, libglu (for future use)
  • Bump most cores and emulators to current versions
  • Bump Retroarch to 1.9.6
  • Add Flycast Stand Alone
  • Add Alternate version of Mupen64plus-nx
  • Replace old filemanager for 351Files
  • Cleanup es_systems.cfg remove and add some extentions
  • Add Hurrican port (Handhelds currently have no working controls)
  • Atomiswave: Remove workaround for nvmem
  • Fix Stadia Gamepad. Thanks to amuzulo#1322
  • Fix issue with lzdoom loading .doom files and sound on mods
  • Update some sound packages
  • Fix es_systems.cfg: Add extensions to c64/c128 and Amiga (#677)
  • Add Cdogs-sdl to ports
  • Add Abuse to ports NOTE: WIP controls
  • Add Streets of Rage Remake
  • Fix Retroarch display of CJK characters (Fixes #534 & #431)
  • Fix SFC not scraping
  • Updated most emulators and cores
  • Create folders for fbneo consoles
  • Minor changes to fix switching of resolutions.
  • fheroes2: Add Free Heroes of Might & Magic II port
  • SoRR: Fix controls on Gameforce and OGA
  • Fix bezels downloaded to the wrong location
  • Enable Random Boot videos (see note)
  • es_systems.cfg: C64 add .tap extension
  • Add "Set as bootgame" option to advance game options (see notes)
  • Stop using and use /usr/bin/ (if you need to use autostart please use /storage/.config/
  • emuelec-emulationstation: use GLES2 renderer
  • Many small fixes I may have missed on this changelog


  • Add preliminary support for Raxda Zero
  • Add RTL8761 Bluetooth Support (#698)
  • Include ssv6xxx-aml drivers

Odroid Go Advance:

  • Enable bluetooth support for OGA/OGS (#725)

Note about random intro videos:
mp4 files only and they should be in /storage/roms/splash/introvideos
if no mp4 file is found the default intro video is shown.
In ES, enabling "Randomize Boot Video" will also enable "Always Show Boot Video"

Note about "Set as bootgame":
This will allow to select a single game to start at boot, useful for arcade systems or for handhelds if you have a favorite game and what to launch it on boot.
This game is launched by ES before it loads the game gamelists, so any stats recorded by ES will saved (e.g. times played, last played, etc)

Select the game and open the "Advance Game Options" and then set "Launch This Game At Startup" to "On"

  • After the game is ended (via hotkey+start) normal boot will continue.
  • Not all systems support this (e.g, ports).
  • Any retroarch settings (shaders, filters, bezels, splash, etc) will be respected.
  • To remove bootgame, select the game that is currently set to boot and set "Launch This Game At Startup" to "Off", or go into "System Settings > Developer > Stop Launching This Game At Startup"
    Fixes #728


18 Jun 22:04
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A new forum has been open for EmuELEC:

Please read about the new ee_fstype after the changelog

EDIT: Auto update seems to be broken, to fix it, please download and copy the file to /emuelec/bin (via network share its on configfiles/emuelec/bin) if the bin folder does not exists, create it, also make sure the file is set to executable (via ssh chmod +x and then check updates as normal


it is recommended that you do a manual backup of your settings, via SSH you can do this by typing

emuelec-utils ee_backup backup no

After that the file will be in either
/var/media/EEROMS/backup or /storage/roms/backup

please copy it to a safe place BEFORE rebooting or updating.



  • Add ee_fstype to set the EEROMS partitions to the desired file system, between FAT32 (default), EXT4, EXFAT and NTFS (read the warning about using NTFS).
  • Fix OGG background music
  • Update and for resolution 1280x1024p60hz (PR #600)
  • Fix drastic game saves & save states erased when resetting scripts & binaries to default (PR #595)
  • Add Potator a Watara Supervision emulator core, roms go into /storage/roms/supervision
  • gptokeyb bump and fix missing trigger actions
  • Crystal bump to latest
  • emuelec-emulationstation bump to latest
  • Bump Retroarch to v1.9.4
  • Switch Duckstation name to Swanstation
  • Rework 32bit core detection on
  • Yabasanshiro: Revert back to 7ae0de7 as it gives much better performance
  • Added freej2me Java games emulator, it accepts .jar files and they should go into /storage/roms/freej2me. Internet is required only on first run to download the Java JDK.
  • Bump RigelEnfgine to fix a bug
  • Hypseus replaced by Hypseus-singe
  • Add auto gamepad configuration for Hypseus
  • Add Non-Commercial Duckstation core
  • Always update es_systems.cfg on system update (make sure you make a backup if you made manual changes to es_sytems.cfg)
  • Fix unusual bug that metadata would not save on quit or restart (You need to remove the directory /storage/.config/emulationstation/scripts/quit)
  • Replace SDL1.2 with SDL1.2-compat
  • Bezels will now respect ratio and integer scale set in menu


  • Enable qca6174 drivers (Fixes issues #611)
  • Update SDL2 to SDL 2.0.12
  • Fix Retroarch not updating after applying CPU video filter
  • Bump kernel to 640e3a3

Odroid Go Advance/Super & GameForce:

  • Bump kernel to use latest Mali G31 blobs
  • Introduce RetroRun, available for Flycast for the moment
  • Use gptokeyb for controls on Solarus
  • Fix reboot while charging
  • Fix retrorun reversed analogs
  • Convert screenshots from pbm to png


  • Move global hotkey to button 1 to avoid conflicting hotkeys in retroarch, 1+Dpad up/down for volume, 1+Dpad lef/right for brightness
  • Brightness was not correctly calculated on GameForce (PR #619)
  • Fix hypseus controls (#622)
  • Update U-boot and Kernel
  • Fix Opentyrian
  • Fix Advancemame

New ee_fstype

Starting with 4.2 a new option for people that are having issues with the EEROMS partition is available, but it comes with a few warnings, please read carefully and decide if this is for you:

  • To be able to use this option a fresh install is required
  • Do not change anything if FAT32 works for you
  • Use EXFAT instead of NTFS when possible
  • If you use Linux EXT4 might be the best option for you!
  • I repeat do not change anything if FAT32 works for you
  • Keep in mind this is a very experimental feature (but it has been tried a lot with no issues, other than NTFS)
  • If you insist in using NTFS please read the warning below


If you would like to use FAT32 skip steps 2,3 and 4

1.- Flash the correct test image to your SD, it needs to be the .img.gz on a CLEAN sd, it will not work on update (.tar)
2.- Right after it is flashed open the first partition EMUELEC
3.- Create a file named ee_fstype (no extension!) on the root of the EMUELEC partition
4.- Open the file and type fat32 (default) exfat,ntfs or ext4 save it and close it
5.- Do whatever you do to the partition (dtb change, ee_default.txt, etc)
6.- Test

Keep in mind this is an experimental feature, only enable it if you would like to help testing it, please report any issues to the EmuELEC forum, Discord or Github

NTFS Filesystem warning

While I tried to do as much testing as possible with the new ee_fstype option, there still might be issues, NTFS is by far the most problematic so I suggest you first try fat32 or exfat, both will work on Windows computers and Macs. NTFS might have some issues with mounting the update folder, so please use it as a last resort.

Project Support

If you wish to support EmuELEC you can use Github sponsors, Patreon or Paypal, note that this is absolutely not required to enjoy EmuELEC but it helps a lot and it is greatly appreciated!

Please remember, EmuELEC is COMPLETELY FREE! it is not to be sold or included in ANY commercial products as a whole, if you have paid for EmuELEC or an image, DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK! For more license info read


24 Apr 22:47
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Note: Regular update is broken on 4.0, if you want to update directly you need to go to:
1.- Updates and Downloads and set update type to Stable
2.- EmuELEC Settings > Danger Zone > Force Update and follow the instructions

Otherwise you can download the .tar corresponding to your device and copy it to:

  • Using Samba/network share: Update
  • Directly to the SDCard on the EEROMS partition .update

FULLY read (and understand) the release notes and don't forget to use Reset EmuELEC scripts and binaries to default


  • Emulationstation: While in a game list, pressing X/Y will move to a random game/open game options, holding X/Y will mark it as favorite/open search (thanks to @lethal-guitar)
  • Bump PPSSPPSDL to v1.11
  • Bump Duckstation to abb7631
  • Pico-8: Allow saving favorite carts, include binary in backup
  • Update Sonic 1 and 2 so that they work with multiple gamepads
  • Bump most emulators and cores to newest git hash (check commits for specifics)
  • Bump Crystal theme which now includes a new panel (boxart), 16:9, 4:3 and CRT versions
  • Enable bezels on OGS, not fully tested yet
  • Bump Genesis-plus-gx and Genesis-plus-gx-wide to support FM music
  • Use DinguxFileManager as default on all platforms
  • Use gptokeyb as a fake keyboard for OpenBOR
  • Bump Retroarch to 1.9.1
  • API keys for Emulationstation have been changed, please refer to the emuelec-emulationstation/


  • Added Chocolate-Doom and lzdoom with support for mods
  • Added SuperTux and SuperTuxKart to ports
  • Added Imagemagick (mainly for screenshot manipulation from CLI)
  • Added logos to the ports (Thanks to Dim!)
  • Added vertical aspect ratio option to OGA/S
  • Added gptokeyb to enable video controls on all devices with SDL support! with configuration support
  • Replace jslisten with gptokeyb to kill emulators
  • Added easyrpg to es_systems.cfg
  • Added Ecwolf with support for mods
  • Added supermariowar to ports, on the first run a fake keyboard will be used, make sure you set your gamepad and restart the game, if you need to run the fake keyboard again delete /emuelec/configs/smw/nofakekeyb and run the game again.
  • Added Flycast 32bit as core option for Dreamcast/Atomiswave/Naomi
  • Added Amstrad GX4000


  • Removed unused scripts, and fixed many small issues with scripts
  • Fixed many script that were causing hangups or other issues
  • Fixed it will now replace the UUID from the one in the db, this fixes weird controllers that use the same UUID as others (but are not the same)
  • Fixed an issue with unicode characters not displaying correctly on the EEROMS partition (CN, JP, etc)
  • Fix SonicCD Gamepad for the OGS
  • Fix Pico-8 disappearing splore file
  • Fix Scummvm game scan
  • Fix brightness not restored after reboot on OGA/S, thanks to @miwasp, fixes issue #470
  • Fixed issue with OGA/S OC not beeing applied correctly (this does not solve the random lockups on some devices)
  • Fix backup/restore issues
  • Fixed Retroach video recording
  • Fixed Eduke not running when having lots or ROMS in ES, by enabling swap (much testing needed!)
  • Fixed an issue with ES not playing .ogg music files in BGM
  • Fixed some errors messages were not wrapped and could not be read
  • Fixed OpenBor would not work after playing one game
  • Fixed DevilutionX character voices were wrong
  • Fixed DevilutionX mouse emulation was not working
  • ARM32 interpreter is now symlinked so no need for patchelf
  • Fix some TimeZones not displaying/working correctly (#546)
  • Fix hand-held bezels for 720p and 1080p

This version includes a big change on how binaries and scripts are stored, basically to deal with the issue of people not reading how to properly update and since I am getting tired of answering the same question over and over again, lets just move all binaries and scripts to RO /usr/bin, this will force update all of these and make updating much simpler.

If you use custom scripts /emuelec/bin and /emuelec/lib are still in the path so you will have to deal with it accordingly.

All configurations regarding emuelec will still be handled in /emuelec/config

v4.0 (bug fix updated)

09 Feb 03:31
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Note: if this message was not here when you downloaded it, please download again, there was a small bug that was fixed regarding a script error.

Yes its finally here :)

The change log is HUGE so I am just going to focus on the most important parts (and the ones I can remember):

  • EmuELEC is no longer 32bit, it has now moved to AARCH64 (With some small parts still being 32 bit, like PCSX_Rearmed and Parallel64)
  • A brand new default theme made specifically for EmuELEC! Crystal!
  • For easy access with any computer a third partition (EEROMS) will now be created on the first boot as FAT32, which is where all the ROMS will be stored.
  • Update folder is now located in EEROMS/.update in case you want to copy the update files directly, its also still accesible from the samba share
  • S912 (Including most Pandora) will no longer be supported, if you have one of those 3.9 is the latest version
  • Most save states are now in one folder (/storage/roms/savestates/[system] or EEROMS/savestates/[system]) I might have missed a few of the standalone emulators, but if you find any issues with that, please let me know, please make sure you move them there if you plan to keep using your old ones
  • Introduced ee_defaults.txt 9358efe
  • Switch all error messages and scripts to use TvTextViewer, also improve how these are displayed
  • New emulator/cores added Dosbox-pure, Solarus, Tic-80, Mesen, DosBox-Staging, DosBox-X and others
  • Dolphin has been added to the Amlogic-ng devices, but it is only really playable on S922x devices and gamepad stills needs to be set manually. Will fix this on v4.1
  • Added many ports including Duke Nukem 3D, Sonic 1, 2 and CD, RigelEngine, Bermuda Syndrome, Hydra Castle Labyrinth and others. Keep in mind most of the ports still need the DATA as it is not included! (check Missing Bios in the Game Options)
  • Better Bluetooth manager and connection in general also Keep Bluetooth pairings even if doing a full reset
  • Most emulators and cores are updated
  • Support for the Odroid-Go Super

As well as many, many other issues, bug fixes and additions I probably forgot! but you can check the (mostly) full change log here:

Very important note!

This version is NOT backwards compatible, meaning this release cannot be used to upgrade older versions! I know lots of people hate reinstalling, but due to the nature of the changes this is a MUST but now with the third partition you can copy the ROMS directly, faster and safer! no messing around with software that corrupts the data! be warned that if you do not do a clean install, you will have issues!

This version also includes a new auto update script that will hopefully make it easier than ever to update when new versions come out.

If you are new to EmuELEC please READ the WiKi at BEFORE asking for any help. You can also join us in discord! If you want to support EmuELEC please click on the "Support" button on top to find out how!

We have tried our best to test each and every aspect of EmuELEC but keep in mind we cannot test each and every game and setting, so I am sure you will find new and improved bugs and issues! so don't hesitate to jump into discord to let us know, or open an issue right here in GitHub (but please follow the template!)


24 Oct 05:04
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This is the last 32bit release of EmuELEC, this also concludes support for the S912 devices (including Pandora boxes) as there is no 64bit drivers for this SOC.

Starting from v4.0 EmuELEC will only be 64bits, this unfortunately means that you cannot upgrade from 3.9 to v4.0, so a clean install must be made, but you can do a backup of your roms and settings and copy them over to v4.0 if you like but this has to be done manually.

This release is mostly bug fixes:

  • Emuelec-Emulationstation: Bump to dbb576d
  • Retroarch: Fix crash with CHD + Cheevos
  • Odroid N2+ :Fix reboot after danger zone reset
  • Add Pico-8 Support
  • Rename n64.rmp to Mupen64Plus-Next.rmp and Fix remapping loading
  • Disable digital to analog on ParaLLEl N64 too
  • es-theme-EmuELEC-carbon: Bump to ca062ff
  • Fix DOOM location (#308)
  • Fix killall triggering crash detection (#303)
  • fix ee_backup
  • OdroidGoAdvance: FIX RGA scaling not covering the whole screen
  • Other small changes and fixes.

EmuELEC v3.8

28 Sep 03:55
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EmuELEC v3.8

Due to some confusion I removed the v11 from the OdroidGoAdvance name, since the image works on both v1.0 and v1.1, this should not affect functionality at all.

As a reminder, starting with v4 there will be no more 32bit releases, only ARM64 and upgrading from one to the other is not possible.


Please remember, EmuELEC is COMPLETELY FREE! it is not to be sold or included in ANY commercial products as a whole, if you have paid for EmuELEC or an image, DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK! For more license info read

NOTE: v3.8 for the Odroid Go Advance had a bug, which is now corrected, if you downloaded before this message was here, please re-download.


  • Bios check will now be performed AFTER and ONLY if a game crashes
  • OdroidGoAdvance: New feature! Added vertical mode for some cores (mostly arcade cores)
  • New Emulationstation option: Random video screen saver, place videos in /storage/roms/mplayer
  • Fix: ports showed error even on gracious exit
  • SDLPoP: Fix settings not being saved
  • Mupen64plus-nx: Use Gles3 for OdroidGoAdvance fixes #260
  • emuelec-utils: Unify some small scripts for easy management
  • Added a timezone selection to make it easier to set your current time
  • S922x: Disabled small cores for a little performance boost
  • Remove some unused cores for space
    They can be brought back if demand exists
  • re-add ssv6xxx-aml: fixes #261 (hopefully)
  • Add DOSBox scan script (#292) - Easier way to add DOSBox games (untested)
  • Use GCC optim -O3 system-wide - Squeeze a bit more performance on some cases
  • OdroidGoAdvance: use internal terminal to display error - Uses proper rotation and error message will properly close!
  • S922x/A311D: Use a service to handle small cores - Fixes the reboot issue
  • Add pcenginecd to bios check
  • Add .mdf for Sega Saturn (#288)
  • Odroid Go Advance: Enable rs97-commander-sdl2
  • VLC: bump to
  • Fix MSX2 platform for scrapping
  • Retroarch: Added some default core settings
  • Amlogic-ng: Goodbye libhybris! - Use proper GLES headers, this fixes some gfx errors on some cores, like Mupen64
  • Amiberry: Fix WHDload not working
  • Bump Retroarch
  • Bump Emulationstation
  • Many other small under the hood fixes

EmuELEC v3.7

06 Aug 23:14
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Important notes

This release has many new features some of them that will require a bit of setting up if you are upgrading. The biggest change is that the file that was responsible for showing what emulator was used for what platform is no longer used, this means that emuelec.conf and emuoptions.conf from earlier versions will no longer will compatible! (well only the core/emulator part) so if you previously had set some games to run on certain emulators this needs to be redone, sorry about that but its for the better!

It is highly recommended to do a clean install and just transfer your /storage/roms folder again!
If you are doing this, also make sure your saves are transferred, since there was a bug on v3.6 that used /storage/.config/retroarch/saves instead of saving on the same path as the ROM.

WARNING: This will REPLACE the es_systems.cfg file, if you manually changed this file those changes will need to be redone, sorry can't seem to find a better way yet.

WARNING 2: If your saves are in /storage/.config/retroarch/save* (or any other place other than the /storage/roms folder) make a backup of them BEFORE you update! or they will be lost, RA should now save them on the same folder as the ROM (as it did before) but you need to replace the retroarch.cfg (you can just delete it from network share or ssh and reboot) or change the savefiles_in_content_dir and savestates_in_content_dir to true in the retroarch.cfg file

If you are updating, remember to run "RESET EMUELEC SCRIPTS AND BINARIES TO DEFAULT" from the EmuELEC meu > Danger Zone after the update is done, otherwise you will run into problems.

Project Support

If you wish to support EmuELEC you can use Patreon or Paypal, note that this is absolutely not required to enjoy EmuELEC but it helps a lot and it is greatly appreciated!

Also, we have started a new official EmuELEC Youtube channel aimed at showcasing EmuELEC running different systems on different boards/tv boxes, and why not maybe some tutorials or game-plays in the future!! please drop by and subscribe!

We have very little time to fully test everything but we have tried our best to test each feature, keep in mind there are so many variables it is possible that we missed some! So if you find any sort of problem please don't hesitate to open an Issue, check out the (very WIP) wiki (which you can also help by adding or editing it!) or you can also join us in discord:


Please remember, EmuELEC is COMPLETELY FREE! it is not to be sold or included in ANY commercial products as a whole, if you have paid for EmuELEC or an image, DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK! For more license info read

Now for the update notes!

Fixes and new features

  • Netplay lobby is now accessible directly from ES for the cores that support it
  • Add support for Odroid N2+ (to OC you need to edit config.ini in the first partition max_freq_a73=2400 and max_freq_a53=2016, watch your temps)
  • Added (untested) support for LaFrite
  • Introduce ee_check_bios: This will check for missing bios before launching a game, and it will display a dialog box if any required bios are missing. Based on #218 by @TheLastProject The only one I did not add to this list is Cgenius as it seems it can be used for several games not just one, so having a requirement for all games seemed bad.
  • Add a Bluetooth on/off switch to ES, this will allow you to disable BT if you are not using it.
  • fix atari800 loading and gambatte colorization
  • es_systems.cfg: remove all groups
  • Add support to read profile.d from /storage/.config
  • SDL_GameControllerDB: Fix Oga v1.1 mapping
  • Emuelec-emulationstation: Change default settings
  • advmame: Another attempt at auto config joysticks that should work on the OGA (hopefully)
  • add "error" to display a dialog box with an error for 10 secs
  • emustation-config: make sure the BT agent is not running (this one is important)
  • Add sanity checks when launching Cave Story (#218)
  • missing-bios: add --filter
  • Add forceupdate test
  • Added NEC PC-9800 to es_systems.cfg
  • Ports: Included hydracastlelabyrinth, OpenTyrian, HodeSDL, Bermuda but only OpenTyrian has a launch script, as soon as I test the others I will add the launch script
  • Added a missing core "Quicknes"
  • OdroidGoAdvance: Enable 3do and Saturn, I have no idea why people want to play these systems on the OGA, but by popular demand, here they are.
  • Fix/improve Bluetooth pairing
  • Bluetooth: Try to pair gamepads at boot, to make this work you need to set your game-pad in pairing mode when EmuELEC is booting
  • Initial Bluetooth management menu (#209) under setup scripts you will find a new menu driven Bluetooth pairing method, by coach1988, very useful if the regular method does not work for you.
  • YouTube search: Add default search word to ES. under the EmuELEC settings menu there is a new option to set the default word to search, in case you don't have a keyboard this can be used, not ideal, but it works.
  • Remove "tiggerhappy", was planing on using it but never got to, so it was just wasting space
  • ES can now show PDF manuals from games.
  • force button "a" as "ui_select"


  • Cyclone68000: bump to 94a9d9a
  • Libretro: Bump some cores
  • Retroarch: Bump to a308be6
  • Advancemame: Bump to ceabee9
  • Dosbox-x: bump to d13deeb
  • Amiberry: Bump to 0209dbf
  • PPSSPPSDL: Bump to 3403e28
  • ResidualVM: Bump to 626c557
  • ScummVMSA: Bump to 4d99e3a
  • StellaSA: Bump to 5f5ac95
  • OpenBOR: Bump to e761464
  • Mupen64plus-nx: Bump Amlogic-ng to be9b85a
  • HatariSA: Bump to 453e88b
  • Skyscraper: Bump to e39e882
  • youtube-dl: Bump to 2020.06.16.1
  • xow: bump to 9e86c52
  • Parallel64: bump to 76193f8
  • emuelec-emulationstation: Bump to 5e9dc64