Venice Unleashed Startup Issues with Integrated Graphics (Intel, AMD, NV) #169

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Though there being an entry in the Official FAQ still a lot of people seem to have problems with it.

Example Threads:


Had same Problem, but could fix it by using this workaround:

  • Rightclick the venice shortcut for the freq you want to play
  • there is an option like "execute with gfx card"
  • select the nvidia card there and everything works (atleast for me)

okay, the workaround doesnt help to much, game still crashes when server gets closed and when map changes

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@kiwidoggie kiwidoggie changed the title from Nvidia Intel bug to Venice Unleashed Startup Issues with Integrated Graphics (Intel, AMD, NV) Jan 14, 2016

There was an update pushed a few days ago that should have resolved these issues. @tomgrassmann @AlexEe77 can you confirm?


tested it, now the error only occurs sometimes when writing in the chat


Which server were you using, if you don't mind me asking? Or is it a persistent issue throughout all servers?


EU #1 but now i'm getting the error on startup. I see the loading screen for some seconds, than the animation stops and i see in the background the directx message

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