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Yoroi Wallet - Chrome extension (React frontend)
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Yoroi - Cardano ADA wallet


Check out our documents on the governance of this project.

First-time setup (or branch change)

Build Yoroi Chrome extension

Extension can be built for both the Cardano mainnet and testnet:

  • Localhost (recommended)
# build files to './dev'
$ npm run dev
  • Mainnet
# build files to './build'
$ npm run build -- --env "mainnet"
  • Testnet (not supported yet)
# build files to './build'
$ npm run build -- --env "testnet"

Run Yoroi Chrome extension

  1. Open new webpage with chrome://extensions
  2. Turn on the developer mode (checkbox in the top right-hand corner)
  3. Press Load unpacked
  4. Select either dev or build folder (depending which npm command you ran)

Note: dev should hot reload on code change

Run Yoroi Firefox extension

Debug builds are not maintained for Firefox as firefox rejects manifest files with non-https localhost in them. You can bypass this by manually adding the extension into your Firefox folder but this is kind of tedious. I suggest instead installing the mainnet build as it does not use localhost. (through about:debugging or about:addons). See for how to makes the unittests pass.

Build release candidate


Selenium + Cucumber

You must run npm run test-prepare before running the tests!

test-prepare will BUILD the extension and then the tests will LOAD the extension.

Rerun test-prepare anytime you make changes to the application itself. If you only change test files, you do not need to rerun it.

# flow
$ npm run flow
# lint
$ npm run eslint
# features (command to run all existing tests)
$ npm run test-e2e-chrome
# How to run one .feature file (One feature file = one covered component from youtrack)
$ npm run test-by-feature feature/wallet-creation.feature
# How to run one test.
$ npm run test-by-tag @it-10


We use Jest for unittests.

$ npm run jest



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