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nicarq committed Jun 16, 2019
1 parent ef7e6a8 commit 45ccce6c8518868461fe42c6736de2c58e81643d
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@@ -53,13 +53,10 @@
"daedalusTransfer.form.instructions.step0MasterKey.text": "Masukkan unencrypted master key wallet Daedalus Anda untuk mengembalikan salo dan mengirim semua dana dari Daedalus ke Yoroi.",
"daedalusTransfer.form.instructions.step0Paper.text": "Masukkan 27 kata frasa pemulihan yang digunakan untuk back up paper wallet Daedalus Anda untuk mengembalikan saldo dan mentransfer semua dana dari Daedalus ke Yoroi.",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.button.label": "Wallet Daedalus",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.confirmation": "Transfer semua dana dari wallet Daedalus",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.confirmationMasterKey": "Transfer semua dana dari Daedalus master key",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.confirmationPaper": "Transfer semua dana dari paper wallet Daedalus",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.masterKey.button.label": "Master Key Daedalus",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.paper.button.label": "Paper Wallet Daedalus",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.text": "Wallet Yoroi dan Daedalus menggunakan skema derivasi key yang berbeda, dan format address masing-masing berbeda. Karena itu, saat ini dana dari wallet Daedalus tidak dapat diimpor langsung ke Yoroi. Sebaliknya, Anda harus membuat wallet Yoroi dan mentransfer dana Anda dari Daedalus. (Wallet Daedalus dan Yoroi sepenuhnya kompatibel untuk mentransfer dana.) Jika saat ini Anda belum menginstal Daedalus, atau jika Anda tidak dapat mengaksesnya, Anda dapat memasukkan 12 kata frasa pemulihan dari Daedalus (atau 27 kata untuk paper wallet) dan transfer seluruh saldo wallet Anda dari Daedalus ke Yoroi.",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.title": "Kirim semua dana dari:",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.text": "Yoroi and Daedalus wallets use different key derivation schemes, and the address format is different on each. Due to this, at present the funds from a Daedalus wallet cannot be simply imported directly into Yoroi. Instead, you must create a Yoroi wallet and transfer your funds over from Daedalus. (Daedalus and Yoroi wallets are fully compatible for transferring funds.)<br><br>If you do not currently have Daedalus installed, or if you cannot access it, you can enter your 12-word recovery phrase from Daedalus (or 27 words for a paper wallet) and transfer your entire wallet balance over from Daedalus into Yoroi.",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.title": "Transfer all funds from",
"daedalusTransfer.summary.addressFrom.subLabel": "Address wallet Daedalus",
"daedalusTransfer.title": "Transfer dana dari Daedalus",
"daedalusTransfer.waiting.checkingAddresses.generatingTx": "Membuat transaksi transfer",
@@ -199,7 +196,7 @@
"transfer.form.recovery.phrase.input.noResults": "Tidak ada hasil",
"transfer.instructions.attention.title.label": "Perhatian",
"transfer.instructions.instructions.button.label": "Buat wallet Yoroi",
"transfer.instructions.instructions.text": "Sebelum Anda dapat mentransfer dana, Anda harus membuat dompet Yoroi dan mem-back up-nya. Setelah selesai, Anda akan menerima 15 kata frase pemulihan yang dapat digunakan untuk mengembalikan wallet Yoroi Anda kapan saja.",
"transfer.instructions.instructions.text": "Before you can transfer funds, you must create a Yoroi wallet and back it up.<br>Upon completion, you will receive a 15-word recovery phrase which can be used to restore your Yoroi wallet at any time.",
"transfer.instructions.instructions.title.label": "Instruksi",
"transfer.summary.addressFrom.label": "Dari",
"transfer.summary.addressTo.label": "Ke",

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