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nicarq committed Jun 16, 2019
1 parent bc485bf commit f4a4e92aa0769fcd3006741b10854ed9b58a4aac
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@@ -55,8 +55,8 @@
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.button.label": "Daedalus钱包",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.masterKey.button.label": "Daedalus钱包主密钥",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.paper.button.label": "Daedalus纸钱包",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.text": "Yoroi and Daedalus wallets use different key derivation schemes, and the address format is different on each. Due to this, at present the funds from a Daedalus wallet cannot be simply imported directly into Yoroi. Instead, you must create a Yoroi wallet and transfer your funds over from Daedalus. (Daedalus and Yoroi wallets are fully compatible for transferring funds.)<br><br>If you do not currently have Daedalus installed, or if you cannot access it, you can enter your 12-word recovery phrase from Daedalus (or 27 words for a paper wallet) and transfer your entire wallet balance over from Daedalus into Yoroi.",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.title": "Transfer all funds from",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.text": "Yoroi钱包和Daedalus钱包使用不同的密钥推导方案,两者的地址格式不同。 因此,目前来自Daedalus钱包的资金不能简单地直接导入到Yoroi钱包。相反,你必须先创建一个Yoroi钱包,然后从Daedalus钱包转出你的资金。(Daedalus钱包和Yoroi钱包相互转账完全兼容。)<br><br>如果您目前没有安装Daedalus钱包,或者您无法访问它,您可以输入Daedalus钱包的12词助记词来恢复(或纸钱包上的27词助记词)然后将您的整个钱包余额从Daedalus钱包转移到Yoroi钱包。",
"daedalusTransfer.instructions.attention.title": "从这个地址转移全部资金:",
"daedalusTransfer.summary.addressFrom.subLabel": "Daedalus 钱包地址",
"daedalusTransfer.title": "从 Daedalus 转出资金",
"daedalusTransfer.waiting.checkingAddresses.generatingTx": "生成转账交易",
@@ -196,7 +196,7 @@
"transfer.form.recovery.phrase.input.noResults": "无结果",
"transfer.instructions.attention.title.label": "注意",
"transfer.instructions.instructions.button.label": "创建 Yoroi 钱包",
"transfer.instructions.instructions.text": "Before you can transfer funds, you must create a Yoroi wallet and back it up.<br>Upon completion, you will receive a 15-word recovery phrase which can be used to restore your Yoroi wallet at any time.",
"transfer.instructions.instructions.text": "要从您的 Daedalus 钱包转出资金,您必须创建 Yoroi 钱包并为其做好备份。<br>在完成后,您会收到包含15 个单词的助记词,使用该助记词能随时恢复您的 Yoroi 钱包。",
"transfer.instructions.instructions.title.label": "说明",
"transfer.summary.addressFrom.label": "",
"transfer.summary.addressTo.label": "",

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