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OpenPAYGO Token v2.0 - Hardware Examples Repository

This project is supported by the EnAccess Foundation (


  • Neutral C Implentation of OPAYGO

  • Arduino Firmware Implementation with 3 different input modes (IR Remote, Membrane Keypad, USB Keypad)

  • Tutorial on how to add to a simple product (TODO)


See the main repository of the project here for the full documentation:


If you have pulled or downloaded this implementation before the official OpenPAYGO Token release on the 10th of October 2019, please make sure to update to the latest version before using in production.


2019-09-09: v2.0 release

  • Updated example Arduino code documentation
  • Fixed a bug in the neutral device example implementation that would prevent the value of the counter to be stored immediately after a counter sync call.
  • Changed the min. Token jump to match the value recommended in the documentation.
  • Small refactor for clarity in the Arduino implementation

2019-09-24: v2.0 rc2

  • Added the first verison of the Arduino implementation

2019-09-18: v2.0 rc1

  • Added extended token example implementation

2019-08-29: v2.0 beta

  • Fully functional version with all core v2.0 features

2019-06-29: v2.0 alpha

  • First functional pre-release version
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