Application toolkit based on the JADE framework. Functionalities for time aspects, agent environment interaction, visualization and load balancing, focusing on the usability for end users.
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The documentaton is also available in our not yet comprehensive GitBook


Agent.Workbench is an Eclipse / OSGI based application toolkit and framework that utilizes the agent platform JADE. It enables to develop agent-based, end-user oriented RCP applications that should finally enable non-programmers to use agent technologies for their own purposes.

Why did we start developing such a tool? First reason is that JADE is probably the most sophisticated, JAVA-based agent platform. It is widlly used in academia and compliant to the IEEE / FIPA specifications. Since JADE was designed as middleware, the developer (Telecom Italia S.p.A. and other) especially focused on the actual core of the framework - agents and their interaction with their environment (which includes other agents and thus agent communication). In turn, that means that - despite of some administrative tools - no effort was spent to address end-user needs, which is the second reason why we started developing Agent.Workbench several years ago.

Instead of starting an agent system from command line or to start developing an agent-based application from the scratch, we believe that efforts should be reduced.


The project was formally known as "Agent.GUI", it was moved from Sourceforge July 2017.