@lulf lulf released this Dec 18, 2018

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  • Prometheus metrics and alerts for address health are now exposed
  • Pooled broker deployments now use N deployments with 1 broker instead of 1 deployment with N brokers. This is to handle a resize bug in previous versions. When upgrading, take care to drain all queues first to avoid message loss.
  • Improved command line output of addresses and address spaces with more tabular information about the resource(s)
  • Allow configuring storageClass used for broker volumes
  • Add support for serviceaccount authentication type for users
  • Allow resizing volumes if configured (and underlying provider supports it)
  • Add support for nodeAffinity preferred labels for operators and messaging infra
  • Add support for configuring network network policies for address space infrastructure
  • Add support for changing address space plans
  • Split broker image into a 'broker' and 'broker-plugin' image run as initContainer image
  • Bugfixes in address handling in standard-controller