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Change history
.. _version-1.2.1:
:release-date: TBA
* Now depends on amqplib >= 1.0.0.
* Redis: Now automatically deletes auto_delete queues at ``basic_cancel``.
* ``serialization.unregister`` added so it is possible to remove unwanted
* Fixes MemoryError while importing ctypes on SELinux (Issue #52).
* ``BrokerConnection.autoretry`` is a version of ``ensure`` that works
with arbitrary functions (i.e. it does not need an associated object
that implements the ``revive`` method.
Example usage:
.. code-block:: python
channel =
ret, channel = connection.autoretry(send_messages, channel=channel)
* ``ConnectionPool.acquire`` no longer force establishes the connection.
The connection will be established as needed.
* ``BrokerConnection.ensure`` now supports an ``on_revive`` callback
that is applied whenever the connection is re-established.
* ``Consumer.consuming_from(queue)`` returns True if the Consumer is
consuming from ``queue``.
* ``Consumer.cancel_by_queue`` did not remove the queue from ``queues``.
* ``compat.ConsumerSet.add_queue_from_dict`` now automatically declared
the queue if ``auto_declare`` set.
.. _version-1.2.0:
:release-date: 2011-07-15 12:00 P.M BST
* Virtual: Fixes cyclic reference in Channel.close (Issue #49).
* Producer.publish: Can now set additional properties using keyword
arguments (Issue #48).
* Adds Queue.no_ack option to control the no_ack option for individual queues.
* Recent versions broke pylibrabbitmq support.
* SimpleQueue and SimpleBuffer can now be used as contexts.
* Test requirements specifies PyYAML==3.09 as 3.10 dropped Python 2.4 support
* Now properly reports default values in
.. _version-1.1.6:
:release-date: 2011-06-13 04:00 P.M BST
* Redis: Fixes issue introduced in 1.1.4, where a redis connection
failure could leave consumer hanging forever.
* SQS: Now supports fanout messaging by using SimpleDB to store routing
This can be disabled by setting the `supports_fanout` transport option:
>>> BrokerConnection(transport="SQS",
... transport_options={"supports_fanout": False})
* SQS: Now properly deletes a message when a message is acked.
* SQS: Can now set the Amazon AWS region, by using the ``region``
transport option.
* amqplib: Now uses `localhost` as default hostname instead of raising an
.. _version-1.1.5:
:release-date: 2011-06-07 06:00 P.M BST
* Fixes compatibility with redis-py 2.4.4.
.. _version-1.1.4:
:release-date: 2011-06-07 04:00 P.M BST
* Redis transport: Now requires redis-py version 2.4.4 or later.
* New Amazon SQS transport added.
>>> conn = BrokerConnection(transport="SQS",
... userid=aws_access_key_id,
... password=aws_secret_access_key)
The environment variables :envvar:`AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID` and
:envvar:`AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY` are also supported.
* librabbitmq transport: Fixes default credentials support.
* amqplib transport: Now supports `login_method` for SSL auth.
:class:`BrokerConnection` now supports the `login_method`
keyword argument.
Default `login_method` is ``AMQPLAIN``.
.. _version-1.1.3:
:release-date: 2011-04-21 16:00 P.M CEST
* Redis: Consuming from multiple connections now works with Eventlet.
* Redis: Can now perform channel operations while the channel is in
BRPOP/LISTEN mode (Issue #35).
Also the async BRPOP now times out after 1 second, this means that
cancelling consuming from a queue/starting consuming from additional queues
has a latency of up to one second (BRPOP does not support subsecond
* Virtual: Allow channel objects to be closed multiple times without error.
* amqplib: ``AttributeError`` has been added to the list of known
connection related errors (:attr:`Connection.connection_errors`).
* amqplib: Now converts :exc:`SSLError` timeout errors to
:exc:`socket.timeout` (
* Ensures cyclic references are destroyed when the connection is closed.
.. _version-1.1.2:
:release-date: 2011-04-06 16:00 P.M CEST
* Redis: Fixes serious issue where messages could be lost.
The issue could happen if the message exceeded a certain number
of kilobytes in size.
It is recommended that all users of the Redis transport should
upgrade to this version, even if not currently experiencing any
.. _version-1.1.1:
:release-date: 2011-04-05 15:51 P.M CEST
* 1.1.0 started using ``Queue.LifoQueue`` which is only available
in Python 2.6+ (Issue #33). We now ship with our own LifoQueue.
.. _version-1.1.0:
:release-date: 2011-04-05 01:05 P.M CEST
.. _v110-important:
Important Notes
* Virtual transports: Message body is now base64 encoded by default
(Issue #27).
This should solve problems sending binary data with virtual
Message compatibility is handled by adding a ``body_encoding``
property, so messages sent by older versions is compatible
with this release. However -- If you are accessing the messages
directly not using Kombu, then you have to respect
the ``body_encoding`` property.
If you need to disable base64 encoding then you can do so
via the transport options::
transport_options={"body_encoding": None})
**For transport authors**:
You don't have to change anything in your custom transports,
as this is handled automatically by the base class.
If you want to use a different encoder you can do so by adding
a key to ``Channel.codecs``. Default encoding is specified
by the ``Channel.body_encoding`` attribute.
A new codec must provide two methods: ``encode(data)`` and
* ConnectionPool/ChannelPool/Resource: Setting ``limit=None`` (or 0)
now disables pool semantics, and will establish and close
the resource whenever acquired or released.
* ConnectionPool/ChannelPool/Resource: Is now using a LIFO queue
instead of the previous FIFO behavior.
This means that the last resource released will be the one
acquired next. I.e. if only a single thread is using the pool
this means only a single connection will ever be used.
* BrokerConnection: Cloned connections did not inherit transport_options
* contrib/requirements is now located in the top directory
of the distribution.
* MongoDB: Now supports authentication using the ``userid`` and ``password``
arguments to :class:`BrokerConnection` (Issue #30).
* BrokerConnection: Default autentication credentials are now delegated to
the individual transports.
This means that the ``userid`` and ``password`` arguments to
BrokerConnection is no longer *guest/guest* by default.
The amqplib and pika transports will still have the default
* :meth:`Consumer.__exit__` did not have the correct signature (Issue #32).
* Channel objects now have a ``channel_id`` attribute.
* MongoDB: Version sniffing broke with development versions of
mongod (Issue #29).
* New environment variable :envvar:`KOMBU_LOG_CONNECTION` will now emit debug
log messages for connection related actions.
:envvar:`KOMBU_LOG_DEBUG` will also enable :envvar:`KOMBU_LOG_CONNECTION`.
.. _version-1.0.7:
:release-date: 2011-03-28 05:45 P.M CEST
* Now depends on anyjson 0.3.1
cjson is no longer a recommended json implementation, and anyjson
will now emit a deprecation warning if used.
* Please note that the Pika backend only works with version 0.5.2.
The latest version (0.9.x) drastically changed API, and it is not
compatible yet.
* on_decode_error is now called for exceptions in message_to_python
(Issue #24).
* Redis: did not respect QoS settings.
* Redis: Creating a connection now ensures the connection is established.
This means ``BrokerConnection.ensure_connection`` works properly with
* consumer_tag argument to ``Queue.consume`` can't be :const:`None`
(Issue #21).
A None value is now automatically converted to empty string.
An empty string will make the server generate a unique tag.
* BrokerConnection now supports a ``transport_options`` argument.
This can be used to pass additional arguments to transports.
* Pika: ``drain_events`` raised :exc:`socket.timeout` even if no timeout
set (Issue #8).
.. version-1.0.6:
:release-date: 2011-03-22 04:00 P.M CET
* The ``delivery_mode`` aliases (persistent/transient) were not automatically
converted to integer, and would cause a crash if using the amqplib
* Redis: The redis-py :exc:`InvalidData` exception suddenly changed name to
* The :envvar:`KOMBU_LOG_DEBUG` environment variable can now be set to log all
channel method calls.
Support for the following environment variables have been added:
* :envvar:`KOMBU_LOG_CHANNEL` will wrap channels in an object that
logs every method call.
* :envvar:`KOMBU_LOG_DEBUG` both enables channel logging and configures the
root logger to emit messages to standard error.
**Example Usage**::
$ KOMBU_LOG_DEBUG=1 python
>>> from kombu import BrokerConnection
>>> conn = BrokerConnection()
>>> channel =
Start from server, version: 8.0, properties:
{u'product': 'RabbitMQ',.............. }
Open OK! known_hosts []
using channel_id: 1
Channel open
>>> channel.queue_declare("myq", passive=True)
[Kombu channel:1] queue_declare('myq', passive=True)
(u'myq', 0, 1)
.. _version-1.0.5:
:release-date: 2011-03-17 04:00 P.M CET
* Fixed memory leak when creating virtual channels. All virtual transports
affected (redis, mongodb, memory, django, sqlalchemy, couchdb, beanstalk).
* Virtual Transports: Fixed potential race condition when acking messages.
If you have been affected by this, the error would show itself as an
exception raised by the OrderedDict implementation. (``object no longer
* MongoDB transport requires the ``findandmodify`` command only available in
MongoDB 1.3+, so now raises an exception if connected to an incompatible
server version.
* Virtual Transports: ``basic.cancel`` should not try to remove unknown
consumer tag.
.. _version-1.0.4:
:release-date: 2011-02-28 04:00 P.M CET
* Added Transport.polling_interval
Used by django-kombu to increase the time to sleep between SELECTs when
there are no messages in the queue.
Users of django-kombu should upgrade to django-kombu v0.9.2.
.. _version-1.0.3:
:release-date: 2011-02-12 04:00 P.M CET
* ConnectionPool: Re-connect if amqplib connection closed
* Adds ``Queue.as_dict`` + ``Exchange.as_dict``.
* Copyright headers updated to include 2011.
.. _version-1.0.2:
:release-date: 2011-01-31 10:45 P.M CET
* amqplib: Message properties were not set properly.
* Ghettoq backend names are now automatically translated to the new names.
.. _version-1.0.1:
:release-date: 2011-01-28 12:00 P.M CET
* Redis: Now works with Linux (epoll)
.. _version-1.0.0:
:release-date: 2011-01-27 12:00 P.M CET
* Initial release
.. _version-0.1.0:
:release-date: 2010-07-22 04:20 P.M CET
* Initial fork of carrot
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