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This Sample PHP Application demonstrates the use of EnableX Platform's JavaScript Toolkit to develop multiparty video chat application. You might also require an App Server of your choice to support this App. It allows developers to ramp up on app development by hosting on their own devices.
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Multi-Party RTC: A Sample Web App using PHP and EnableX Web Toolkit

The Sample Web App demonstrates the use of APIs for EnableX platform to develop basic Multi-Party RTC (Real Time Communication) Application. The main motivation behind this application is to demonstrate usage of APIs and allow developers to ramp up on app by hosting on their own devices instead of directly using servers.

RTC Applications hosted on EnableX platform run natively on supported set of web browsers without any additional plugin downloads.

This basic Multi-Party RTC Application is generated using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap v4.0.0-alpha.6, JAVA Script, jQuery, PHP and EnxRtc (The EnableX Web Toolkit).

The details of the supported set of web browsers can be found here:

1. Important!

When developing a Client Application with EnxRtc.js make sure to include the updated EnxRtc.js polyfills for RTCPeerConnection and getUserMedia otherwise your application will not work in web browsers.

2. Demo

Visit Demo Zone ( to request a Guided Demo or Demo Access to different type of application available there.

3. Installation

3.1 Pre-Requisites

3.1.1 App Id and App Key

3.1.2 SSL Certificates

The Application needs to run on https. So, you need to use a valid SSL Certificate for your Domain and point your application to use them.

However you may use self-signed Certificate to run this application locally. There are many Web Sites to get a Self-Signed Certificate generated for you, Google it. Few among them are:

As you have Certificate or created a Self-Signed Certificate, create a directory "certs" under your Sample Web App Directory. Copy your Certificate files (.key and .crt files) to this directory.

3.1.3 Configure

Before you you try accessing the /client folder using Browser, configure the API Service by editing `api/config.php' file to meet your requirement:

define("API_URL",	"");
define("APP_ID",	"YOUR_APP_ID");
define("APP_KEY",	"YOUR_APP_KEY");

3.2 Test

  • Open a browser and go to The browser should load the App.
  • Allow access to Camera and Mic as and when prompted to start your first RTC Call through EnableX
  • You need to Room ID to join. We have added a "Create Room" link below the login form. Click it to get a Room-Id prefilled in the form.
  • You can share the Room-ID with anyone to join your Conference.

4 Server API

EnableX Server API is a Rest API service meant to be called from Partners' Application Server to provision video enabled meeting rooms. API Access is given to each Application through the assigned App ID and App Key. So, the App ID and App Key are to be used as Username and Password respectively to pass as HTTP Basic Authentication header to access Server API.

For this application, the following Server API calls are used:

To know more about Server API, go to:

5 Client API

Client End Point Application uses Web Toolkit EnxRtc.js to communicate with EnableX Servers to initiate and manage RTC Communications.

To know more about Client API, go to:

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