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@encapsule/arccore v0.1.11 "woodlands"

Package: @encapsule/arccore v0.1.11 "woodlands" build ID "q7umH8vtTI2rvSCMCigCQg"
Sources: Encapsule/ARC_master#fc9a90f7f557ac247a068d0490545928688b8f02
Purpose: library (Node.js + modern browsers (via package bundler))
Created: 2021-02-26T14:05:12.000Z
License: MIT



This package is a collection of low-level runtime libraries for modeling, filtering, and routing runtime application state data in JavaScript applications.

The @encapsule/arccore package's main consumers are @encapsule/arccore and @encapsule/holistic (as well as apps and services derived from the @encapsule/holistic app platform distribution).

The moniker ARC stands for Aaddressable Resource Cell (ARC) which is an abstraction related to celluar automata systems modeling and disitributed application state management. @encapsule/arccore is a toolkit for building such systems in JavaScript. These topics are further explored in the derived @encapsule/holistic platform distribution.


This package's contained library functionality is intended for use in derived projects.

For example:

  1. Create simple test project, declare a dependency and install @encapsule/arccore package:
$ mkdir testProject && cd testProject
$ yarn init
$ yarn add @encapsule/arccore --dev
  1. Create a simple script index.js:
const arccore = require('@encapsule/arccore');
/* ... your derived code here ... */


The @encapsule/arccore library package is published on npmjs.


The sections below provide a brief summary of the runtime library packages included in the @encapsule/arccore distribution package.

Please visit ARCcore Package Docs for complete @encapsule/arccore API documentation.


Build self-documenting functions with strong data type and value constraint enforcement provided automatically at runtime.


Register a set of arccore.filter intances to create a "discriminator" filter that "routes" calls to a specific filter in the set based on the shape of the request.


Directed graph container class and algorithms for modeling and analyzing directed graph datasets in memory.


Generate non-cryptographic object signatures and random keys in 6-character (32-bit) and 22-character (128-bit) Internet Routable Unique Token (IRUT) string format.


A collection of functions for testing and comparing the type of in-memory entities.


A collection of utility functions used primarily by other libraries contained in the arccore package.

Encapsule Project

Copyright © 2021 Christopher D. Russell Seattle, Washington USA

Published under MIT license by Encapsule Project

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