Some of the lab files for the SANS Institute course SEC505: Securing Windows and PowerShell Automation:
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The file contains some of the lab files for my SANS Institute course SEC505: Securing Windows and PowerShell Automation.

Most of these same scripts are in repositories here, but the zip has a folder structure that matches more closely the USB flash drive given to SEC505 course attendees. Virtually all the scripts are intended for teaching purposes, they're not intended to be production-quality tools yet, hence the lack of Pester tests, input validation, exception handling, logging, etc.

All of the scripts and files written by me are in the public domain, but other files may have their own separate licenses, which they retain of course. Files from Enclave Consulting LLC come with no warranties or guarantees, as is consistent with the GitHub UNLICENSE and other content placed in the public domain.

For more information about my six-day course on Windows security and PowerShell at SANS, please visit

Hope to see you at SANS!

Best Regards,

Jason Fossen (@JasonFossen)

Enclave Consulting LLC