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Enclave Phaser Template

Fully mobile responsive, portrait and landscape compatible template for HTML5 games written using the Phaser 3 game engine. See it online at:

Enclave Phaser Template

It is my own point of view on building a structure for an HTML5 game. If you think something can be improved feel free to send the pull request.


  • mobile-first, fully responsive (portrait and landscape)
  • boot, preloader, main menu, settings, story, and gameplay states
  • paused and game over screens
  • sound and music management
  • multilanguage support
  • keyboard shortcuts support
  • WebFont plugin using custom fonts
  • custom Button class
  • highscore via localStorage
  • tweens and animations
  • particle emitter
  • shake, flash, and fade camera effects
  • Progressive Web App support
  • Web Monetization enabled
  • Progressive Loading

Progressive Web App:

Template have Progressive Web App (PWA) support, turned off by default (see enablePWA variable in start.js file): manifest file for Add to Home Screen feature, Service Worker for offline use, and notifications template.

Web Monetization:

Web Monetization support is turned on in the template. If you want to implement it you can replace the monetization meta tag in index.html with your own and determine if document.monetization is available in the browser to make changes in the source code.

Progressive Loading:

It's a Phaser-specific Progressive Loading approach, which impoves the initial load time by deferring "anything that's not main menu items" to load in the background as soon as main menu actually appears.


The license in use is CC BY-SA 3.0 - see License.txt for details.


If you like what I'm doing and gonna use the template in your project, or just appreciate sharing the code in the open, you can say "thank you" by buying me a beer. Coffee works fine too. Cheers!


Enclave Phaser Template - mobile template for HTML5 games created using the Phaser 3 game engine.




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