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Encore Multimedia's WordPress Core

This is a Composer-enabled WordPress distro, first and foremost. We took some ideas from Bedrock but put our own twist on it.


  • Better folder structure
  • Dependency management with Composer
  • Easy WordPress configuration with environment specific files
  • Environment variables with Dotenv
  • Autoloader for mu-plugins (use regular plugins as mu-plugins)
  • Enhanced security (separated web root and secure passwords with wp-password-bcrypt)



git clone /path/to/project

Copy .env.example to .env and update the variables.

To install locally with lando

After the above, run:

lando start

and go to to complete the WordPress installation.

If you want to automatically generate the security keys (assuming you have wp-cli installed locally or are using lando) you can use the very handy wp-cli-dotenv-command:

wp package install aaemnnosttv/wp-cli-dotenv-command
wp dotenv salts regenerate


  • Add theme(s) in web/app/themes/ as you would for a normal WordPress site
  • Set the document root on your webserver to your project's web subfolder: /path/to/project/web/
  • Access WordPress admin at (the important part is adding the /wp/ in the middle)
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