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This update enables spending of cold staking balances where NavPay was used as the spending key.

What’s included in this update;

  • Total wallet balance includes cold staking transactions.
  • Cold staking transactions will appear as ‘received’ in the transaction history of your wallet.
  • These transactions are now spendable by NavPay.

Once you’ve updated to NavPay 4.6.0 you will probably need to scan your wallet for unspent transactions to see the cold staking balance.

Navigate to;

Settings > (Your Wallet) > More Options > Wallet Addresses

Click ‘Scan addresses for funds’

Your cold staking funds should now appear in your wallet as available balance. You may need to refresh the application to see the transaction history.

If you still don’t see all your transactions in the transaction history, you may need to remove and reimport your wallet from the seed phrase. If you do this, be careful and make sure you have everything correctly backed up. If you delete a wallet with funds in it and don’t have the correct seed phrase to recover it, there’s no way to get the coins back.

What’s not included in this update;

  • Differentiating between cold staking spending transactions and regular transactions in the transaction history.
  • Coin control to spend or prioritise particular transactions.

It’s worth re-iterating that even with this update, NavPay is still not recommended for use as your cold staking spending wallet.

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