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AES Encrypter

A simple AES passphrase encryption tool to protect any text data. It can encrypt as well as decrypt, render a QR code of the encrypted information and also print a formatted page with all the relevant data to a PDF file or printer.

AES is a well studied and widely available passphrase encryption method. Even if this application is no longer available when you want to decrypt your data in the future it would take minimal effort to un-encrypt the data provided you have the encrypted text and the passphrase.

This software is free, open source and provided under the MIT license

Use with caution

Entering sensitive information into third party software can be a great way to get your data stolen by malicious actors. Please use this tool with extreme caution. Check the checksum and signature before using this software.

You or other software engineers whom you trust can review the code and compile it from source. All encryption is done locally, nothing is broadcast. This application can be used completely offline.

As an added layer of security / paranoia, you can run this software offline inside a VM or USB booted operating system (which is subsequently destroyed) to make absolutely sure it doesn't broadcast anything.

Test data

Unencrypted Data: Sometimes I eat peanut butter from the jar with a spoon

Encrypted Data: U2FsdGVkX19NHFbDXgJM23vXHH6JvDT1yVo4lyXwqZwV7CddbX2Yx4m4PaQBreP21JgWjqvQFOsqvk9DzUKdoT5y4fLpT5GY5Xy6uuwUdTg=

Password: 123412341234

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download Example PDF.

Important Notes

Double clicking the output text and using using the copy command results in content_copy being appended to the copied output. Use the copy button instead to copy the output to the clipboard.

The encrypted data written to the PDF is required to wrap on the lines, but this introduces a space character between each line when copying the encrypted data from the PDF. Remove these extra spaces otherwise the decryption won't work.

If you're encrypting a long piece of data, the QR code can sometimes be split over pages 1 and 2 when printing to PDF. You can always bring the QR code up inside the app and take a screen shot or clipping to capture the QR if you have any issues.

Remember to always test the decryption works before destroying any important plain text data.

Never lose your password or your data will be lost.