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@proletesseract proletesseract released this Apr 14, 2018

Simple AES Encryption tool to password protect any information. It can encrypt as well as decrypt, render a QR code of the encrypted information and also print a formatted page with all the relevant data to a PDF file or printer.

Release Notes:

  • Double clicking the output text and using using the copy command results in content_copy being appended to the copied output. Use the copy button instead to copy the output to the clipboard.

  • The encrypted data written to the PDF is required to wrap on the lines, but this introduces a space character between each line when copying the encrypted data from the PDF. Remove these extra spaces otherwise the decryption won't work.

  • If you're encrypting a long piece of data, the QR code can sometimes be split over pages 1 and 2 when printing to PDF. You can always bring the QR code up inside the app and take a screen shot or clipping to capture the QR if you have any issues.

  • Signed OSX and Linux binaries attached

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