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public download: http://www.unrealsoftware.de/files_show.php?file=17266

Cs2dSpy is a utility software (open source!)

Its made it for Cs2d Server owners, allowing them to view whats going on in server even if they arent in it (dedicated servers)


  • Cs2d server that runs lua
  • Java SE Runtime Environment 8 (JavaSE-1.8)

Installation instructions:

  1. extract Cs2dSpy into "sys/lua/" (so that you'll have sys/lua/Cs2dSpy/files)
  2. edit sys/lua/server.lua
  3. write in dofile("sys/lua/Cs2dSpy/Cs2dSpy.lua")
  4. start the game server, either using the normal cs2d client or by using a dedicated server
  5. once the server has started, launch the jar (by double clicking, or right click open with > java)

final note:
always run the Cs2d server BEFORE running the Cs2dSpy client!

Known issues: if you started the server, but still get "unable to reach server" error message
try launch the bat instead of the jar

regarding bugs:
if you have encountered any bugs OR have ideas
feel free to suggest them to me as an issue

Sources & License included

License: GNU General Public License Version 3
if you want to compile yourself and have issues, feel free to pm me

Tested on Mac OS and Windows 10/XP