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Malware Database


This repository is one of the few malware collections on GitHub. Almost every sample here is malicious so I strongly recommend you to neither open these files on real hardware, nor misuse the malware to prank your friends. Playing with these samples may lead to irreversible consequences which may affect anything from personal data to passwords and banking information.

I am not responsible for any damage caused by the malware inside my repository and your negligence in general.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Contributors
  3. About
  4. FAQ


Most of people say: "Malware isn't a toy to play with!", however, I don't hold such an opinion. Malware is fun, if you know how to play with it! 😉 In my opinion, people who think opposite are gloomy and tedious or just afraid of it. Nonetheless, I still DO NOT recommend you using malware for your personal needs and benefits. If you want to ask any type of questions (e. g. Archive password doesn't match; Provided malware doesn't work! etc.) use the "Issues" tab. Also here are the steps if you want to support me and my repository!

Any type of support will be highly appreciated!


This is a list of people who really helped me (excluding myself):


My malware repository isn't excellent, however, I am trying my best to convince you 😄



The password for all archives is mysubsarethebest!


Here is a table of approximate percentage ratio of malware in my repository.

Malware type Percentage
Rogue (Fraud) 40%
Joke 35%
Trojan 10%
Ransomware 10%
Self-made / Viewer-made 5%


Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions. This may be helpful!

Q: What is the password for the archive I've downloaded?
A: It is mysubsarethebest... Read the description carefully!

Q: I know I didn't misspell the password for the archive, however it STILL won't unlock. What do I do?
A: Check for the mistakes again, if it doesn't help then create an issue, I will reupload the one you're struggling with. Mistakes can happen!

Q: I can't find the sample I need which you reviewed on your channel, why?
A: I am happy to announce the malware series are back, although I cannot guarantee the presence of every sample reviewed on my channel. Create an issue if you don't find a sample you really want, I (or my moderator) will help you shortly after. But please, please don't spam with your requests in issues. Send them to my mailbox. (mentioned in the 4th question)

Q: Can I contribute to your malware database? If yes, how?
A: Yes, of course you can. You can send your malware (no batch or bat2exe files, please) to my mailbox! ( Only the best of the best will be reviewed and put here.

Endermanch, 2020