ResellerClub Product Modules for WHMCS
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ResellerClub Product Modules for WHMCS


2 types of modules for WHMCS

1. Addon Module (Required)
  • officialresellerclub
2. Provisioning Modules
  • resellerclubmdhostingXX ( Resellerclub Multi Domain Hosting - XX = us/uk/in/hk )
  • resellerclubsdhostingXX ( Resellerclub Single Domain Hosting - XX = us/uk/in/hk )
  • resellerclubresellerhostingXX ( Resellerclub Reseller Hosting - XX = us/uk/in/hk )
  • resellerclubssl ( Resellerclub SSL Certificate )
  • resellerclubvpsXX ( Resellerclub VPS - XX = us )
  • resellerclubwebservices ( Resellerclub Web Services - Web site Builder and Email, etc )

###Installtion Steps

  • Download the modules directory or Git clone the modules directory to root directory of WHMCS installtion.
  • This should add addon module officialresellerclub under <whmcs_root>/modules/addons/ directory and provisioning modules under <whmcs_root>/modules/servers/ directory.

Configure Addon Module

  • Login to WHMCS admin panel.
  • Go to Setup > Addon Modules.
  • Activate Official Resellerclub Module.
  • Allow Full Administrator access to Official Resellerclub Module.
  • Go to Addons > Official Resellerclub Module
  • Enter your Reseller id and API key.

Start using provisioning modules

  • Create a product under a product group.
  • Select appropriate resellerclub provisioning module on the Modules tab.
  • Select a plan to associate with the product.
  • It is mandatory to set price for all tenures, for which pricing is set in ResellerClub.