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Energy Sparks

Energy Sparks is an open source application that is designed to help schools improve their energy efficiency.

The application collects and presents gas and electricity usage data in a way that is accessible to staff, students and parents. Supported by educational resources, the application will support teachers in helping children understand more about energy usage, how to be more efficient and see how actions they take in the school, e.g. switching off lighting, has an effect on usage.

Combining access to data, the ability to log interventions and a competitive element between schools, the goal is to not just save schools money in reducing energy consumption through long term changes, it is hoped that the application will also help educate children about what it means to be energy efficient.

The application is open source and is powered by open data. It is being designed to be easily deploy and run for minimal cost, allowing it to be run by local councils and/or community groups around the UK.

For Users

Development of the application and documentation is in progress. Please check back later for more information.

For now you may wish to read the evolving documentation in the project wiki.

For Developers

The application uses Ruby on Rails.

Read the developer guide in the wiki for how to get started and the guidelines.

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