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Installing macOS on your S200H
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Installing macOS on your S200H

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The following configurations may not be identical. You may ask sellers for a quasi-system if you want more customisations

Specifications Details
PC Model S200H mini PC
Processor Intel Core i9-8950HK
Memory 32GB Crucial DDR4 2667MHz
Hard Disk Samsung 970 EVO 1TB
Graphics Intel UHD Graphics 630
Monitor LG IPS Full HD 1080p
Sound Card Realtek ALC269VC (layout-id:188)
Wireless Card Broadcom 943602CS
Ethernet Realtek RTL8168H

BIOS Configuration

  • Secure Boot -> Disabled
  • VT-d -> Enabled
  • Quiet Boot -> Enabled
  • Fast Boot -> Disabled
  • CSM Support -> Disabled

What is not working

  • Power button when host runs macOS
  • Some apps may not work after waking up (eg. Chrome etc)
    • I test it out by myself, both HDMI and mDP have this issue
    • According to Issue #6, kkzzhizhou once experienced randomly apps stucked, just like happened situation after waking up
  • Maybe more, you tell me

What is next

  • OpenCore
  • Patch the remaining ACPI tables using hotpatch
  • Try my best to solve "sleeping" problem

Supporting OS & Downloads

  • macOS Mojave
  • macOS Catalina

Download latest EFI | Releases | Changelog

Where to buy

  • Taobao
    • If you are not in mainland of China, Taobao may not ship oversea directly. You may need to find agents or someone else takes it from China
  • AliExpress



  • Generally, i5 and i7 models will work fine by using this EFI file directly, but I have not tested them yet, please trying themselves at your own risk
  • I use BCM943602CS in M.2 Key M slot instead of native card slot, the USB bus should work according to kkzzhizhou's report, if it does not work, please go to Issues

A reward

The continuous maintenance and updates are all made for free, but you can reward me if you want

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