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page-builder: Code Blocks

Code Blocks can contain styles and javascript that only run when you preview or load the live page. They can add extra functionality to your pages.

Note that these need to be thoroughly tested by you before launching your page! It is functionality outside of the normal operation of the platform.

Many of these code blocks assume you have the jQuery library loaded in your template. If you do not, then you can add it via a line in your template's <head>, e.g.:

<script src=""></script>

Where to put the code block

The code block's position is important - if it is responding to a part of the page but it loads before it, it may not work. It is good to position the block at the bottom of your pages. Sometimes, you may want to wrap the code up in a ready event - this is so that it will only fire once the page has fully loaded:

$( document ).ready(function() {
    // your code here

Fields code

Add placeholders within text boxes that match the input's label

Do not allow spaces in an email address field

Create and place a random email address - useful for anonymous actions

Disable the submit button until the supporter presses a key inside the email-to-target message (to force them to edit it)

Field masks, e.g. for phone numbers or credit card numbers

Change the error text for a specific field

Counters for characters remaining in textareas

Update a field with another's contents's-value.html

Locale - save to a question/field when you submit the page

Target block messages to have a maximum number of allowed characters

Searchable select field

Opt-in code

Show and hide an alert if the supporter chooses No for a radio opt-in

Pre-tick and hide a checkbox or radio opt-in

Donation pages code

Choose the next two available start dates on the 1st of the month

Choose the next two available start dates on the 1st or 15th of the month

Choose the next available start date as the 20th of next month

Gift aid calculation display in a text block

Verify account number and sort code for thanks emails

Social code

Change the share icons' simple images to your own images

Add a Whatsapp sharing button for mobiles

Add a share by email button


Add a more info link that expands to reveal more content

Add a fixed floating button to allow supporters to scroll down to the form for narrow screens/mobiles

Alert supporters if their browser does not support TLS 1.1 or above (see for more information)

Show the supporter's MP name on a non-email-to-target page

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