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- Added exception handling, and fixed more bugs with command matching and
optional variables. Also added more advanced permission syntax for commands.
- Added functions: set_display_name, reset_display_name, try, array_index_exists,
is_array, is_boolean, is_double, is_integer, is_null, is_string, substr, to_lower,
to_upper, length, throw
- Newlines are now handled in an expected manner in all functions. The escape
sequence '\n' has been added, which allows for newlines to be embedded in a
string in a script.
-Command labels can now be used to specify what groups have permission to run this
-Fixed a bug where no argument functions in the root of the command would give a
compile error.
- Added several new functions, including eval, set_ploc, time, nano_time, break,
continue, get_worlds, pworld, pinfo, and kick. Also, reorganized the source code,
and made it so that if one command would cause a compiler error, the entire script
won't be affected, but just the one command. Also, concatenation automatically
happens now, the g() function is no longer necessary. Debug mode now outputs what
real command is being run, if debug mode is on. It is now possible to define
the location of your config file, in the preferences.txt file. See the upgrade
notices (on the wiki) for information about upgrading your scripts from
3.0.2 to 3.1.0.
- Added new functions to allow scripts to interact with the environment around
the player.
- Added several new functions, including a foreach loop, and the g function.
See the upgrade notices (on the wiki) for information about upgrading your
scripts from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1.
- Completly reworked the engine. Essentially a new plugin.
- Updated to work again.
- Updated for Bukkit.
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