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PseudoKnight committed Aug 16, 2018
2 parents 3edc300 + 0606442 commit 0e030eea8d1d7363b211e2515719398cef873327
@@ -1955,8 +1955,7 @@ private static void optimize(ParseTree tree, Stack<List<Procedure>> procs, Set<C
try {
f = (Function) FunctionList.getFunction(t.getData());
} catch (ConfigCompileException ex) {
Set<OptimizationOption> options = NO_OPTIMIZATIONS;
if(f instanceof Optimizable) {
@@ -295,6 +295,9 @@ public ParseTree optimizeDynamic(Target t, List<ParseTree> children, FileOptions
//and then it will never actually get called, so we handle it entirely in here.
return new ParseTree(new CString(docs(), t), null);
if(children.size() == 1) {
return null; // not enough arguments, so an exception will be thrown later
if(children.get(0).isConst()) {
//If it's a function, we can check to see if it actually exists,
//and make it a compile error if it doesn't, even if parameter 2 is dynamic

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