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@@ -54,6 +54,16 @@ specified, it is reasonable to assume that it is meant to be used as a generic s
not the enum type. Additionally, when hard coding strings or numbers, the compiler
can check to ensure that the type is a valid cross cast type, at compile time.
Cross casting can be done explicitly, using the same mechanism as a normal cast:
string @v = 'NORTH';
(@v as Compass)
This runs the risk of a CastException however, in the event the value cannot be cast or
cross cast.
== Cross Casting User Classes ==
You can also take advantage of the cross compiling system, should it suit your classes
@@ -84,7 +94,7 @@ public class Label {
The compiler will attempt to check the validity of the cross casting at compile
time, if the cast method is determined to be a constant expression, so you
@@ -145,7 +155,7 @@ AbstractLabel @al = AbstractLabelFactory::instance('Label');
Label @l1 = @al; # If you meant the second one, but did this instead, you get totally
# different results. Therefore, this is not allowed
Label @l2 = (Label)@al; # This is allowed though, because we are obviously just
Label @l2 = (@al as Label); # This is allowed though, because we are obviously just
# trying to cast to the Label type, from AbstractLabel

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