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Add support for varying priorities of warnings

Different warnings are classified differently in the LangServ, including
the low category, which prevents the issues from showing up in problem
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LadyCailin committed Sep 5, 2019
1 parent 9991bdb commit 621c79bb50549cefed8cc60be623649d7a333497
@@ -294,32 +294,60 @@ public Version since() {


* This determines the severity level of the warning. Different severities may be handled differently by
* the view code.
public static enum SeverityLevel {
* High impact warnings are ones that have a performance impact, or can cause issues with upgrading in
* the future. These should usually be shown in the UI and not ignored.
* Medium impact warnings are ones that are likely to point to a bug, but may not. These should usually
* not show up readily in the UI, but should show up in lists of issues.
* Low impact warnings are ones that are generally safe to completely ignore, but may point to poor
* coding practices or less readability. These should only show up in the UI if the user is looking
* directly at the code.

// TODO: Make these extensible, so extensions can add their own easily
public static enum SuppressWarning implements Documentation {
UnreachableCode("Code that comes after methods such as return() or exit() won't be run, and represents dead"
+ " code, which should usually be removed, or can represent an error with your branching logic.",
MSVersion.V3_3_4, SeverityLevel.MEDIUM),
HardcodedDynamicParameter("Code that is hardcoded and sent to eval is going to perform worse than simply"
+ " writing the code normally.", MSVersion.V3_3_4),
+ " writing the code normally.", MSVersion.V3_3_4, SeverityLevel.HIGH),
OverrideArguments("Defining a variable called @arguments overrides the built in @arguments value,"
+ " making it impossible to access.", MSVersion.V3_3_4),
+ " making it impossible to access.", MSVersion.V3_3_4, SeverityLevel.HIGH),
UseBareStrings("Using bare strings can cause code to error or worse silently change behavior when using future"
+ " versions of MethodScript that introduce new keywords. Therefore, it is always recommended to quote"
+ " all strings. In strict mode, this is always an error that can't be suppressed.", MSVersion.V3_3_4),
+ " all strings. In strict mode, this is always an error that can't be suppressed.", MSVersion.V3_3_4,
IncludedFileNotFound("When an include is encountered by the compiler, it checks to ensure that the file being"
+ " included exists. It doesn't actually need to exist until runtime, but a warning is issued at"
+ " compile time if it can't be found.", MSVersion.V3_3_4),
+ " compile time if it can't be found.", MSVersion.V3_3_4, SeverityLevel.MEDIUM),
CodeUpgradeNotices("Code that uses old formats should generally be upgraded to newer versions."
+ " This is encouraged to make code more readable, and is not a deprecation notice. This type of"
+ " warning is only displayed in strict mode, and is even still suppressable.", MSVersion.V3_3_4);
+ " warning is only displayed in strict mode, and is even still suppressable.", MSVersion.V3_3_4,

private SuppressWarning(String docs, Version version) {
private SuppressWarning(String docs, Version version, SeverityLevel severityLevel) { = docs;
this.version = version;
this.severityLevel = severityLevel;

private final String docs;
private final Version version;
private final SeverityLevel severityLevel;

public URL getSourceJar() {
return ClassDiscovery.GetClassContainer(this.getClass());
@@ -344,6 +372,11 @@ public String docs() {
public Version since() {
return version;

public SeverityLevel getSeverityLevel() {
return severityLevel;


@@ -556,6 +556,21 @@ public WorkspaceService getWorkspaceService() {
private final Map<String, Triplet<Long, Executor, CompletableFuture<ParseTree>>> compileDelays = new HashMap<>();

private Thread compilerDelayThread = null;

private static DiagnosticSeverity getSeverity(CompilerWarning warning) {
if(warning.getSuppressCategory() == null) {
return DiagnosticSeverity.Warning;
switch(warning.getSuppressCategory().getSeverityLevel()) {
case HIGH:
return DiagnosticSeverity.Warning;
case MEDIUM:
return DiagnosticSeverity.Information;
case LOW:
return DiagnosticSeverity.Hint;
throw new Error("Unaccounted for case: " + warning.getSuppressCategory());
* Compiles the file, on the given thread pool.
* @param future After compilation is done, the parse tree is returned. May be null if you don't need it.
@@ -687,7 +702,7 @@ public void doCompilation(CompletableFuture<ParseTree> future, Executor threadPo
for(CompilerWarning c : warnings) {
Diagnostic d = new Diagnostic();
d.setRange(convertTargetToRange(tokens, c.getTarget()));

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