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PseudoKnight committed Nov 11, 2017
1 parent 78e902b commit d36e34832853e7d29fb542c0e90404c93bfda40b
Showing with 35 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +35 −4 src/main/java/com/laytonsmith/core/functions/
@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@
import com.laytonsmith.abstraction.enums.MCZombieType;
import com.laytonsmith.annotations.api;
import com.laytonsmith.annotations.hide;
import com.laytonsmith.core.CHLog;
import com.laytonsmith.core.CHVersion;
import com.laytonsmith.core.ObjectGenerator;
import com.laytonsmith.core.Optimizable;
@@ -1348,7 +1349,6 @@ public CHVersion since() {
@hide("Deprecated in favor of send_resourcepack")
public static class send_texturepack extends AbstractFunction {
@@ -1371,6 +1371,7 @@ public Construct exec(Target t, Environment environment,
Construct... args) throws ConfigRuntimeException {
MCPlayer p = Static.GetPlayer(args[0], t);
CHLog.GetLogger().w(CHLog.Tags.DEPRECATION, "The function send_texturepack() is deprecated for send_resourcepack().", t);
return CVoid.VOID;
@@ -1560,6 +1561,34 @@ public CHVersion since() {
public Construct exec(Target t, Environment environment, Construct... args) throws ConfigRuntimeException {
MCMaterial i = StaticLayer.GetConvertor().getMaterial(Static.getInt32(args[0], t));
if(args.length == 2) {
switch(args[1].val()) {
case "maxStacksize":
return new CInt(i.getMaxStackSize(), t);
case "maxDurability":
return new CInt(i.getMaxDurability(), t);
case "hasGravity":
return CBoolean.get(i.hasGravity());
case "isBlock":
return CBoolean.get(i.isBlock());
case "isBurnable":
return CBoolean.get(i.isBurnable());
case "isEdible":
return CBoolean.get(i.isEdible());
case "isFlammable":
return CBoolean.get(i.isFlammable());
case "isOccluding":
return CBoolean.get(i.isOccluding());
case "isRecord":
return CBoolean.get(i.isRecord());
case "isSolid":
return CBoolean.get(i.isSolid());
case "isTransparent":
return CBoolean.get(i.isTransparent());
throw new CREFormatException("Invalid argument for material_info", t);
CArray ret = CArray.GetAssociativeArray(t);
ret.set("maxStacksize", new CInt(i.getMaxStackSize(), t), t);
ret.set("maxDurability", new CInt(i.getMaxDurability(), t), t);
@@ -1582,17 +1611,19 @@ public String getName() {
public Integer[] numArgs() {
return new Integer[]{1};
return new Integer[]{1, 2};
public String docs() {
return "array {int} Returns an array of info about the material.";
return "mixed {int, [trait]} Returns an array of info about the material. If a trait is specified, it"
+ " returns only that trait. Available traits: hasGravity, isBlock, isBurnable, isEdible,"
+ " isFlammable, isOccluding, isRecord, isSolid, isTransparent, maxDurability, maxStacksize.";
public boolean isRestricted() {
return true;
return false;

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