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Fix ponline() when given a UUID

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PseudoKnight committed Oct 28, 2018
1 parent e88b440 commit e1fabec41d62d1ed3b913a5d1f7d4a6d1dd3cc2c
@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@
MCPluginManager getPluginManager();
MCPlayer getPlayerExact(String name);
MCPlayer getPlayer(String name);
MCPlayer getPlayer(UUID uuid);
@@ -172,6 +172,16 @@ public MCPluginManager getPluginManager() {
return new BukkitMCPluginManager(s.getPluginManager());
public MCPlayer getPlayerExact(String name) {
Player p = s.getPlayerExact(name);
if(p == null) {
return null;
return new BukkitMCPlayer(p);
public MCPlayer getPlayer(String name) {
@@ -2558,25 +2558,17 @@ public Boolean runAsync() {
public Construct exec(Target t, Environment env, Construct... args) throws ConfigRuntimeException {
//We have to use this method here, because we might be in the midst
//of an event, in which the player is offline, but not really. It will
//throw an exception if the player doesn't exist
MCPlayer p = null;
try {
p = Static.GetPlayer(args[0], t);
//Static.GetPlayer() autocompletes names, which we don't want in this function,
//however we have to check if this is an injected player first.
MCPlayer p = Static.GetPlayer(args[0], t);
//Now we must check if the name was exact. Skip this if the argument is a UUID.
if(args[0].val().length() <= 16 && !p.getName().equalsIgnoreCase(args[0].val())) {
p = Static.getServer().getPlayerExact(args[0].val());
return CBoolean.get(p != null);
} catch (ConfigRuntimeException e) {
//They aren't in the player list
//If the player we grabbed doesn't match exactly, we're referring to another player
//However, we had to check with Static.GetPlayer first, in case this is an injected player.
//Otherwise, we need to use the player returned from Static.GetPlayer, not the one returned
//from the server directly
if(p != null && !p.getName().equals(args[0].val())) {
MCOfflinePlayer player = Static.getServer().getOfflinePlayer(args[0].val());
return CBoolean.get(player.isOnline());
} else if(p != null) {
return CBoolean.get(p.isOnline());
} else {
return CBoolean.FALSE;

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