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Use the InventoryUtil method to add to an inventory. Supports fancy s…

…tuff like fuels for furnaces.
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me4502 committed Oct 21, 2016
1 parent f26fea4 commit 1697d5b69761b9b1f77dae1a9b43c43fa08a4ab7
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@@ -387,7 +387,7 @@ public static void collectItem(AbstractIC ic, Vector offset, ItemStack... items)
Block invHolder = backB.getRelative(offset.getBlockX(), offset.getBlockY(), offset.getBlockZ());
if (InventoryUtil.doesBlockHaveInventory(invHolder)) {
InventoryHolder c = (InventoryHolder) invHolder.getState();
results = c.getInventory().addItem(results.toArray(new ItemStack[results.size()])).values();
results = InventoryUtil.addItemsToInventory(c, results.toArray(new ItemStack[0]));

// Drop whatever results were not added to the chest

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