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Release 3.10

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me4502 committed Aug 29, 2019
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@@ -1,3 +1,245 @@
* Updated to Minecraft 1.13+ (1.13/1.14)
* Required WorldEdit 7
* Added a setting to entirely disable self-triggering ICs
* Fixed player language functionality
* Fixed AdvancedEntitySpawner erroring with invalid entities
* Fixed WaterPlaceOnly
* Fixed some weird edge cases where chairs weren't being removed
* Fixed InvertOutput in ST variants of PlayerSensor
* Make Snow slowdown not require trampling
* Improved the report writer (More coming)
* Upped the max of monostable to 5 minutes
* Added advanced block checks support to BetterPistons
* SignCopier is a break, not build action
* Fixed the tick offset for BetterPistons
* Fixed invert mode for PlayerSensor
* Switched to Gradle as a build system
* Fixed issues where Shulker boxes ended up inside Shulker boxes
* Switched to bStats over Metrics
* Fixed a SetDoor/Bridge bug
* Don't error if a vehicle has an infinite velocity
* Significantly improve performance for users with PaperMC
* Use the meta system for the MapChanger
* Update for random Spigot breakages
* Fixed Bonemeal Terraformer eating blocks
* Workaround a Minecraft bug causing signs to block lifts
* Fixed Cauldrons causing potential chunk loading
* Cleanup piston protection code
* Use fuzzy blocks in more places
* Fixed non-empty boats being removed with ExitRemover
* Bump PaperLib version to fix an issue where an optimisation wasn't applied
* Fixed gates not using minified IDs
* Fixed saplings and flowers not being planted on podzol
* Added sound categories to JingleNote
* Added an option to not damage players with MinecartRemoveEntities
* Set the string ensembles instrument to PLING in JingleNote
* Updated how permissions are resolved to remove legacy workaround
* Fixed a few potential bugs relating to material enforcement of bridges and doors
* Fixed a few issues on 1.14 due to Spigot breaking a lot of their compatibility code
* Update JingleNote to use 1.14.2 instruments
* Added flags to copy biomes/entities
* Added shulker boxes to list of blocks with inventories
* Vastly improve pipe performance
* Warn on invalid MIDI files instead of error
* Prevent the Payment mechanic loading without an economy plugin
* Fixed an issue with multiple definitions of the same command item that keep on death
* Fixed offBlock on MultipleSetBlock IC
* Added an event for ranged collectors
* Support all sign types
* Print a warning on invalid firework shows

* Fixed a few bugs and optimised BetterSnow
* Fixed a pulse issue with Toggle Areas
* Fixed an issue with some plugins that improperly handle commands and CommandItems
* Updated HeadDrops to have all the heads from the Sponge version of CraftBook
* Allows the off-hand to be used for HiddenSwitch keys

* Removed the 'hd' command alias to prevent duplicates
* Fixed a few deprecation warnings
* Added hoppers to the list of blocks with inventories
* Added an enforce-type option to bridges and doors
* Added the ability for sorters to ignore enchants, meta, and durability
* Added more compatibility with plugins that bypass the Bukkit command system entirely to CommandItems

* Added support for CraftBookNMS for performance boosts on Spigot (Paper is unaffected)
* Updated dependencies
* Fixed levers and buttons having weird behaviour when placed on the top and bottom of blocks
* Simplify the synchronisation used in the MIDI ICs (Fixes an issue with some alternative JVMs and also slightly improves performance)
* Allowed mechanics to compare the contents of books
* Slightly improve dispenser recipe performance
* Upped the limit of clock ICs to 100000
* Fixed an issue with worldguard protections being ignored with advanced block checks enabled when using signs

* Fixed a major breakage in the last release

* Added missing fuel sources for smelters (Doors, etc)
* Added smelting results for iron/gold equipment
* Fixed a minor pipe jukebox issue
* Fixed RangedCollector only working with chests
* Fixed Irrigator only working with chests
* Fixed Cultivator only working with chests
* Fixed Minecart depositer with filters
* Fixed a potential issue with thread locking for MIDI players on some specific JVMs
* Fixed a broken polar bear skin
* Fixed some errors caused by removals in the Spigot API
* Fixed an issue where the Irrigator IC wouldn't correctly irrigate some soil
* Fixed Spigot/Pump ICs still accepting the non-existent water item
* Refactor some tile entity accesses, to allow a future companion plugin to use NMS to bypass a recent major performance regression within Spigot

* Fixed bugs caused by Spigot breakages in 1.12.1 (Not backwards compatible)
* Added option to only remove 1 damage from the axe with TreeLopper
* Remove hack-fix for Minecraft chair bug fixed in 1.12
* Register recipes with names
* Added new 1.12 blocks as smelt targets (Fixes cooking pot, etc)
* Fix an issue where certain MIDI files didn't send the end code to the MIDI ICs.
* Added per-drop permission nodes to CustomDrops
* Catch errors created when crazy velocities are set on signs for minecart mechanics.
* Added inline comment support to Fyrestone.
* Added option to CustomDrops to remove all vanilla drops.
* Added GREATERVAR and LESSVAR actions to CommandItems
* Fixed burning furnaces not being interactable with CraftBook mechanics.
* Fixed shulker boxes not being interactable with CraftBook mechanics.
* Minor optimisations for RangedCollectors.
* Fixed an issue where PoweredRails were powering mechanics.
* Fixed CombineHarvester not collecting beetroot seeds.

* Fixed potential cart duplication issue.
* Fixed new boat types not working with many boat mechanics
* Fixed minor door/bridge dupe issue.
* Fixed a few BetterLeads errors introduced in 1.11
* Fixed beetroot not working in the Terraformer
* Fixed pipes not transferring certain items with 0 durability left.
* Allowed usage of the WorldGuard __global__ region.
* Fixed LightSwitches
* Added a list of ignorable heads in HeadDrops, for plugins using custom heads.
* Added a biomes filter for CustomDrops
* Fixed a bug caused by some weird colour plugins.
* Many memory optimisations throughout the code.
* Added /cb iteminfo, outputs the held item in ItemSyntax.
* Fixed AntiCheat plugins blocking SignCopier.
* Updated to later versions of ProtocolLib
* Updated the MIDI backend to use the new 1.12 instruments. This sounds hecking cool, give it a try.
* Updated the entire codebase to Java 8, as 1.12 requires Java 8 now.

* Fixed few irregularities on item detection for PlayerInvSensor
* Fixed ItemStack drop chance being read as a whole number for CustomDrops, rather than as a decimal number.
* Fixed a few mechanics potentially loading more chunks than they needed to during operation.
* Fixed pipes not putting wool into furnaces as fuel.
* Fixed limit issues with Bounce BetterPistons.
* Fixed limit issues with BounceBlocks.
* Fixed empty sign issues with BounceBlocks.
* Improved warning output for when CraftBook encounters invalid recipes with the AutoCrafter.
* Fixed Melody IC replacing the last line with uppercase.
* Fixed a few minor issues with newer versions of NoCheatPlus.
* Fixed CustomDrops items not stacking with other blocks on some servers.
* Added ability to specify an item as unbreakable in the item syntax.
* Added ability to specify item flags in the item syntax.
* Fixed issue that occurs in rare circumstances and can break CustomCrafting recipes.
* Fixed potential deadlock when using ITEM_PICKUP on servers that have plugins overriding item pickup.
* Added required-item to CustomDrops.
* Added more HeadDrops (Evoker, Vex, Stray)
* Fixed escape characters remaining in ItemSyntax ItemStacks.
* Added a command to give players headdrops.
* Tweak item comparison algorithms to act more like the user will probably want them to act.

* Added option to disable playing message on Melody IC.
* Fixed report writer failing if ST is disabled.
* Fixed RangedCollector having issues when no filters are defined.
* Removed now-defunct automatic updater.
* Fixed /cb about not showing the actual version.
* Only use persistent-storage for CommandItems across restarts.
* Added warnings and filters to AutomaticCrafter when it detects broken recipes provided by Spigot.
* Worked around spigot bug causing wrong sapling types to occur from TreeLopper.
* Pre-calculate some values for CommandItems, fixing some issues caused by plugins that prematurely remove items during events.
* Fixed Ranged Collector not playing nicely with pipes.
* Fixed bucket issue with pumps.
* Added support for beetroot to farming ICs.
* Fixed the BEFORE CommandItem not cancelling consumables.
* Added more stair types as defaults for Stairs.
* Added offhand support for Player Inventory Sensor.
* Fixed AnimalHarvester harvesting wool when it was full.

* Fix Jukebox error on 1.11 servers.
* Fixed ranged collector requiring all filters to pass.

* Added a list command for variables
* Allowed Jungle and Dark Oak trees to plant 4 saplings with TreeLopper
* Support sorting enchanted books
* Fixed Wooden Buttons activating for only 20 ticks with HiddenSwitch.
* Fixed a potential dupe bug with gates that had never been activated before.
* Added wet sponge as a smeltable resource. (Fixes pipes and a few other things regarding wet sponges)
* Fixed a regression in CustomDrops that caused a few issues with various setups.
* Fixed warning generated by CartBoosters with Paper.

* Added a few new HeadDrop types.
* Fixed a few issues with TreeLopper on 1.10+
* Fixed potential errors with Chairs.
* Use ArmorStands rather than arrows with chairs. Fixes spigot dismount bug, but causes weird head movement at some angles.
* Fixed weird spigot chunk loading oddities
* Fixed issue where TreeLopper failed when leaves were at the bottom of a tree instead of the top.
* Bypass consumables on CommandItems when in creative
* Added a permission node to bypass consumables
* Fixed AnimalBreeder not working on pigs
* Improve performance of paintingswitcher
* Added region support to CustomDrops
* Added PROJECTILE_LAUNCH CommandItems event
* Added radius mode to the XP Storer mechanic
* Fixed an issue with ICs not putting blocks into their chest in some setups.
* Fixed the Driller IC acting weird in some cases.
* Added max depth option to the Driller IC.
* Added ability to change the size of the Driller IC hole.
* Fixed BetterPhysics ladders acting weird on 1.10
* Fixed ItemStack validity checks in pipes, causing errors in uncommon setups.

* Fixed a few compatibility issues
* Fixed another TreeLopper sapling issue

* Added support for Minecraft 1.10
* Fixed TreeLopper issue with saplings

* Fixed another issue with the SignCopier mechanic.

* Fixed an issue with the SignCopier mechanic

* Vastly improves performance in some use cases
* Fixed a few bugs

* Fixes a few 1.9-specific bugs and performance issues

* Adds support for Minecraft 1.9

* Fixed a few bugs

* Fixes footprints
* Removes ProtocolLib requirement of footprints
* Fixed Planter IC not planting all plants correctly

* Fixes a few bugs
* Improves general performance

3.9 (30th November)
* Fixed a few issues with UUID resolution.
* Fixed ItemSyntax allowing some invalid values.
@@ -1,2 +1,2 @@
@@ -321,7 +321,7 @@ public CraftBookPlugin() {

public static String getVersion() {
return null;
return "3.10";

public List<CraftBookMechanic> getMechanics() {

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