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Don't send bad packets to the client.
The adapter only can send a structure block change ID, so we shouldn't
attempt to send nbt for other block entities.
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wizjany committed Jan 10, 2020
1 parent a398c86 commit 05cc7aa0211e0e5179adb5a531bdb5990f9932dd
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 worldedit-bukkit/src/main/java/com/sk89q/worldedit/bukkit/
@@ -294,8 +294,8 @@ public <B extends BlockStateHolder<B>> void sendFakeBlock(BlockVector3 pos, B bl
if (block instanceof BaseBlock && ((BaseBlock) block).hasNbtData()) {
BukkitImplAdapter adapter = WorldEditPlugin.getInstance().getBukkitImplAdapter();
if (adapter != null) {
adapter.sendFakeNBT(player, pos, ((BaseBlock) block).getNbtData());
if (block.getBlockType() == BlockTypes.STRUCTURE_BLOCK) {
adapter.sendFakeNBT(player, pos, ((BaseBlock) block).getNbtData());

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