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De-couple chest-access from interact. READ BELOW.

This is possibly a breaking change, in that WG will be overprotective
in regions which previously had interact set to allow but didn't change
the chest-access flag. If you previously had regions like this where you
would like to have non-members access chests, you will need to set the
chest-access flag to allow.

This change was made to alleviate some confusion that became more
evident recently with lecterns, since interacting with lecterns allowed
one to read a book, but the chest-access flag controlled taking the book.
This required setting interact to allow and chest-access to deny (at
least for nonmembers) to allow guests to read books but not take them.

This is a tentative change and may be reverted if it is too unpopular.
Thanks for testing dev builds :^)
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wizjany committed Jan 6, 2020
1 parent 239eda3 commit d37f015f0c49b6cfeb8a6feb5f42a21974c82c44
@@ -259,7 +259,7 @@ public void onUseBlock(final UseBlockEvent event) {

/* Inventory */
} else if (Materials.isInventoryBlock(type)) {
canUse = query.testBuild(BukkitAdapter.adapt(target), associable, combine(event, Flags.INTERACT, Flags.CHEST_ACCESS));
canUse = query.testBuild(BukkitAdapter.adapt(target), associable, combine(event, Flags.CHEST_ACCESS));
what = "open that";

/* Beds */

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