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Release 7.0.1.
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# Changelog

## 7.0.1
* Add `/rg toggle-bypass` command which temporarily turns off region bypassing until used again.
* More improvements to `/rg flag` and `/rg flags` commands.
* Fix some checks for adding owners to unclaimed regions.
* Fix an issue with time-/weather-lock flags when logging in to a region with the flag set.
* Fix cause tracking in vehicles (incl. breaking lilypads in a boat)
* Use async teleports on Paper.
* Include hopper minecarts in the ignore hoppers config setting.
* Add sugar cane and cacti to the crop-growth flag. Bamboo is also included pending Spigot throwing an event for it.
* Specifically track when players ignite creepers with flint and steel.
* Fix fuzziness when using bonemeal near a protected region.
* Fix color codes not applying in greeting, etc flags when placed after a newline (\n).
* Add applicable region information to `/wg report`.
* Fix pistons flag not applying to sticky pistons pulling blocks.
* Add some custom metrics for bStats.
* Everything in the RC/beta changelog below.

## 7.0.1 RC 2 (inc. beta 1)
* Due to breaking changes in important Bukkit API, this is not compatible with MC 1.13!
* Update to MC 1.14. Adds protection for new blocks, etc.
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