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Changelog for 7.0.0.

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# Changelog

## 7.0.0
* Added support for MC 1.13, dropped support for previous versions.
* Added lots of interactive text in e.g. `/rg info` command.
* Added `/rg flags` command which allows viewing and interactively setting all flags on a region.
* Large behind-the-scenes changes to WorldGuard's API (developers, see
* Places that used numeric block ids (e.g. blacklist) should now use Minecraft's new string IDs.
* Fix various interactions with NPCs and region protection.
* Sponge-simulation now destroys kelp and seagrass, and de-waterlogs blocks.
* Added an option to block conduit effects.
* Fix using newlines in string flags such as greeting and farewell.
* Add item-frame-rotation flag.
* Ender chests no longer require chest-access (since they don't have inventories).
* Add kelp to vine-growth flag/config.
* Add block-trampling flag (for turtle eggs and farmland).
* Add snowman-trails flag.
* Track potion area-of-effect cloud causes for pvp etc. protection.
* Add confirmation to /stoplag command.
* Forcefully eject players from vehicles trying to force their way into entry deny regions (and out of exit deny).
* Fix removing child regions when removing a region with children.
* Fix some over-protectiveness of pistons.
* Chat and command flags (send-/receive- and allowed-/blocked-) now respect deny-message flag.
* Misc fixes.

## 6.2.2
* Added support for MC 1.12.
* Changed flower pots to fall under the build flag.
* Fix heal flag not functioning.
* Add option to allow Forge clients with host-keys setting.
* Add mobs.block-armor-stand-destroy config.
* Add firework-damage flag.
* Add config option to ignore hopper checks.
* Misc fixes.

## 6.2
* Added support for MC 1.11.
* Add a custom flag and session API (for developers, see
* Add a config option to ensure location flags (teleport, spawn) are inside their region.
* Misc fixes.

## 6.1.2
* Added support for new blocks in 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10.
* Added protection from nether portals being created in protected region (enable via config `nether-portal-protection`).

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