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CS:GO DMA Cheat (caution, seems to be detected by ESEA and FaceIt)
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pcileech WebRadar Undetected Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Hardware Cheat for VAC, ESEA, FaceIt

pcileech WebRadar is a browser based radar cheat for CS:GO that can be run on a different PC, connected to a PCIe card providing direct memory access to the target computer. For more information about this technology, please visit the repo of the original (and very great) pcileech project by Ulf Frisk


  • Overview Radar showing non-dormant players
  • Health indicator
  • View direction indicator
  • Name tags

Getting started

You need to get compatible hardware and flash it with the pcileech software first. Please refer to this page. Afterwards you have to complete the following installation steps:

  • Clone the project and its submodule(s)
  • Compile pcileech
  • Get FTD3XX.dll and copy it to *pcileech_files*
  • Navigate to *Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\resource\overviews*
  • Copy all .txt files to *pcileech_files\static*
  • Convert all .dds files to png (for example using this tool) and also copy them to *pcileech_files\static*
  • Open a command prompt and execute pcileech.exe webradar
  • Open a webbrowser on any device in the same network and navigate to http://ip-of-attacker:8008/
  • If you can't connect, make sure to run pcileech as Administrator

Security considerations

Current known detection vectors for anti cheats and fixes are:

  • Vendor-/DeviceId of the FPGA Device -> build the firmware yourself and randomize the Device ID (instructions for the SP-605 can be found here)
  • The webserver for the webradar -> setup Windows Firewall on the computer that runs pcileech to reject connections from the target PC.


  • Currently the setup is not always stable, you might need to restart the game and/or pcileech several times for it to work
  • Memory offsets for CS:GO need to be adjusted in the source code (webradar.c) after every game update Update: pcileech-webradar now includes offsets dumped with Hazedumper as a submodule
  • The HTTP Server code is written very hasty and dirty because I wanted to implement websockets first but gave up
  • If you notice any other issues, please report them :)

Screenshot example screenshot

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