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Concourse task to make bootstrapping Terraform pipelines easy
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  1. Concourse task that can idempotently create a GCP project and bucket to store Terraform state in
  2. Concourse task to destroy the GCP project
  3. An optional script to create a folder, 'inception' project, and service account that can create new projects

Image of example pipeline

Usage - Bootstrap Task

Look at example.yml. You'll need a gcs-resource instance.

Here's the job from the example pipeline. It should be at the beginning of your pipeline, and run on every commit.

- name: setup-ci
  - get: concourse-gcp-tf-bootstrap
    trigger: true
  - task: bootstrap-terraform
    file: concourse-gcp-tf-bootstrap/tasks/bootstrap.yml
      gcp-bootstrap: concourse-gcp-tf-bootstrap
      BILLING_ACCOUNT_ID: ((billing_account_id))
      BUCKET_LOCATION: ((bucket_location))
      FOLDER_NAME: ((folder_name))
      GCP_CREDENTIALS_JSON: ((gcp_credentials_json))
      ORGANIZATION_ID: ((organization_id))
      PROJECT_ID: ((project_id))
      PROJECT_NAME: ((project_name))
  - put: tfstate
      file: tfstate-out/terraform.tfstate

If you want to try out the example pipeline and don't like unnecessary typing, fill in example-vars.yml with appropriate values, correct the path to credentials in the following command, and then run it:

$ fly -t changeme set-pipeline \
  --pipeline example \
  --config example.yml \
  --load-vars-from example-vars.yml \
  --var "$(cat path/to/creds.json)"

Required Parameters

  • billing_account_id - billing account number to associate the created project with, of the format DEADD0-D0CAFE-B33F3E, which you can find with gcloud alpha billing accounts list
  • bucket_location - region to store the bucket in, eg EU
  • folder_name - name of the folder to create projects in, which you can find with gcloud resource-manager folders list
  • gcp_credentials_json - contents of the service account credentials file. If you need to pass this via fly, you can use --var "gcp_credentials_json=$(cat creds.json)"
  • organization_id - numerical ID of the containing organization (gcloud organizations list)
  • project_id - identifier that you want the project to have, that must be globally unique. See Google Cloud Project documentation for restrictions.
  • project_name - human-readable name for the project to be created

Optional Parameters

  • gcp_flakiness_sleep - sometimes Terraform will be unable to create the GCS bucket with the error Error 403: the project to be billed is associated with an absent billing account., accountDisabled. This appears to be some internal eventual consistency issue, and as per Deejay's Conjecture: "there is no intermittently-failing task that cannot be fixed with a sleep".


Terraform and idempotent Concourse pipelines can be combined to continuously deploy infrastructure-as-code. A pipeline should create a complete and free-standing environment without any human intervention. It's best to have one-project-per-environment so that you can cleanly track and delete the resources used therein.

Automating the creation of a Google Cloud Project using Terraform and Concourse is a bit of a hassle because one needs a project and a bucket to store the Terraform state in. However, you can't use Terraform in your pipeline to create the bucket it depends on, as Terraform will try and read from the bucket that doesn't yet exist.

At EngineerBetter we don't like manual processes or snowflake infrastructure, so we created a reusable automated Concourse task that will create the project and bucket if neither exist, and no-op if they both do, and fail in any other edge case.

Inception Script

This is entirely optional, and you may already have service accounts and folders set up that you wish to use. If you don't have these already then you may want to create them using this script.


  • gcloud (tested with version 256)
  • Authenticated as a user with Folder Viewer and Folder Creator roles
$ ORG_ID=1234567891012 \
  FOLDER_NAME=automated-platforms \
  PROJECT_ID=inception \

You can **optionally provide PARENT_FOLDER_ID to place the inception project and folder into.


  • A folder with a given name
  • A project called 'inception'
  • A service account in the 'inception' project that is able to create new projects

Why do I need to run this manually?

In order to automatically create new projects, you'll need a service account that can create these projects. A service account can't exist outside of a project, so you need an 'inception' project to put the service account in. Additionally, it's best practice when using Google Cloud to place projects in folders such that they can inherit IAM roles.

If this is a fresh Google Cloud account then you'll need to run it as a human user.

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