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Web Programming with Go by Kamesh Balasubramanian

This is the official source code repository for the Web Programming with Go video series published by Packt. The video series teaches you how to develop full stack web applications using the Go programming language.

Volume 1: Go Essentials for Full Stack Web Development

In this video course, we start out by introducing you to programming with Go. We will show you how to install Go and how to configure your workspace and development environment. We will move on to demonstrate basic Go concepts, to provide you with a strong foundation. We will explore arrays, slices, maps and user-defined types. Moving on, we will take a look at Go's built-in concurrency constructs and introduce you to several tools included with Go. We will finish the video course by implementing a simple web server using Go.

ISBN: 9781788398916

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Volume 2: Back-End Web Development using Go

In this video course, we will cover back-end web development using Go. We start off by covering essential concepts which include web templates, the model view controller pattern, managing requests and responses, and building web forms. We also show you how to create real-world solutions such as uploading image/video files, implementing a datastore for a variety of databases (relational, document, and in-memory), creating secure cookies, implementing authentication middleware, and implementing an asynchronous task queue to perform long-running tasks in the background.

ISBN: 9781788392761

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Volume 3: Front-End Web Development using Go

In this video course, we will provide deep insight into front-end web development using Go. We start off by covering the fundamental mechanics of front-end web development such as performing common DOM operations, accessing native JavaScript functionality, making XHR calls, rendering templates on the client-side, transmitting Gob encoded data, and communicating over a WebSocket connection. We also show you how to make your Go programs interoperable with JavaScript and how to read and write to the web browser’s local storage. We then demonstrate how to create a Single Page Application by implementing client-side routing and directly rendering templates in the web browser itself. Utilizing the valuable knowledge presented in this course, you will be taught how to build GopherFace, a fully functioning Social Media website with incredible features.

ISBN: 9781787280946

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Volume 4: Go Production Deployments

In this video course, we will show you how to deploy a full-stack Go application to a cloud-based production environment. We start off by showing you how to provision a virtual server instance on the Linode cloud, install MySQL and Nginx, and obtain and install a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt. We introduce you to Linode, a major cloud provider of virtual private servers. Then you’ll learn how to cross-compile a Go application, prepare and deploy a production deployment bundle, and turn a Go application into a system service. Moving on, you’ll find out how to dockerize a Go application and use the Docker Compose tool to define and run a multi-container Docker application. Finally, you’ll see how to turn a dockerized Go application into a system service.

ISBN: 9781788399340

Take the Video Course: