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Isomorphic Go by Kamesh Balasubramanian

This is the official source code repository for the Isomorphic Go book published by Packt. The book teaches you how to develop isomorphic web applications using the Go programming language.


ISBN: 9781788394185

Live Demo

A live demo of IGWEB is available at

Installation Instructions


You can install and run IGWEB, as a multi-container Docker application using the following steps:

go get -u

cd ${GOPATH}/src/

docker-compose build

docker-compose up

You may access the IGWEB Demo at http://localhost/index


Alternatively, you may install IGWEB on your system, using the standalone instructions

Topics Covered

A list of topics covered in the book, along with some animated gif previews, is available here.

Errata List

A list of errata will be maintained to inform readers of errors and typos found in the book.